Finding this free crochet pattern lately isn’t easy? I think this free Crochet Dish Cloths pattern will be useful for any home’s kitchen. My cute little girl has decided that my kitchen washcloths make ideal blankets for his little filled kitten.

crochet washcloth free pattern
crochet washcloth free pattern

Oh yes, my little girl loses what’s in the kitchen one by one. My dishcloths have slowly been disappearing for weeks now, Seriously, before children I by no means might have considered the dire need to position kitchen towels below lock and key. Anyway, I determined a big stash of dishcloths under his bed and I stole them back. But I nonetheless have a few missing, so I figured I had better make new ones and placed them out of his reach.


Size G crochet hook
2 coordinating skeins of Lily Sugar n Cream yarn
Finished size is approximately an 8.5″ square
You are welcome to make and sell products from this pattern but please link back to this post. Please do not copy this pattern and claim it as your own. Please do not republish any of my photos as your own.


With MC Chain 24
Row 1: In second chain from hook sc. Sc in each across.
Row 2: Chain 3, *yo, insert the hook into the same stitch, yo, draw the yarn through the stitch. (3 stitches on hook.) Yo over, insert hook in next stitch, yo, draw the yarn through the stitch. (5 stitches on hook.) Yo, draw through all 5 stitches on hook. Dc in next stitch.* Repeat across.
Repeat rows 1 and 2 until the piece is a square, ending on row 1 and joining with sl st. Finish off.

Row 1: With CC, join to any stitch on the end. Chain 1, sc in same stitch and evenly around, making sure to sc 3 in each corner. Join with sl st.
Row 2: *Chain 3, sk next st, sl st. Ch 3, sl st in ch 1, sl st in same stitch.* Repeat around. Join with sl st, finish off.

I think they are very pretty:) I’m a sucker for a dressy crochet edging!

I love crocheting for the kitchen;)
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