You don’t even need a special Tunisian crochet hook! The pattern contains information about resizing. Crochet dishcloths are practical, beautiful and functional. This makes a loose, thinner dishcloth than any of the worsted weight patterns I’ve seen. I personally like a thinner dishcloth. It’s a stretchy dishcloth that wrings out easily.
I have some yarn I’m excited to try this with! Thanks for all your hard work making these videos. ❤️
Size: Finished dishcloth is about 7.25” (19cm) in diameter
Hook/Needles: Size US K (6.5mm), two knitting needles size 10 or 10.5 (6 or 6.5mm)
Yarn: Knit Picks Comfy Worsted, or any worsted (also called 10 ply) weight yarn, in cotton or a cotton blend, in two
colors. 20 grams of yarn for each dishcloth (10 grams each color).
Additional Materials: Tapestry

I had watched the video and read the written pattern several times though. I like to understand all the instructions, before I begin a new project. But, yesterday I started practicing on it anyway. I spent a couple hours and finally had three and a half segments. I could see that something was wrong, because the part that would be the center was not…each stitch alternating between the two colors.

So, this morning I started over, and it’s working out just right! I’m just using scraps of acrylic yarn, and a regular Boye 6.5 mm crochet hook. This hook looks like the one she said wouldn’t work but, it actually seems to work fine. I also have a tunisian crochet hook in size 5.5 mm

I still have to purchase the yarn and… maybe some double point knitting needles. My local craft store sells 5 bamboo needles, in the 6 mm size for $10.00; and 5 aluminium needles in the 5mm size for $4.29. I could try using my 5.5 tunisian crochet hook, and just get the less expensive knitting needles. The cotton yarn I plan on getting recommends a 5 mm crochet hook. So, maybe if I do something like 17 stitches, or 19 stitches, it would work up nicely with the smaller hook and needles…

I also figured out I can use two new pencils, sand them down a bit, sharpen them all most all the way, and cover the ends in nail polish, and that would work with my 6.5 mm regular aluminium crochet hook for this project. Haha! I might just try that, then I’ll only have to buy the yarn!