Over time, we can accumulate a mountain of corks, so here are ideas for DIY to recycle them in pretty creations!

To make this heart, you will need a good collection of corks of different wines … Once your collection amassée, it is enough to stick the corks together with hot glue. If you have a lot of caps, but the colors do not lend themselves to this kind of gradient, you can make a mosaic or paint them with a gradient of paint.


A boat
Glue three corks with hot glue, plant a stick in the middle one and you have just made a raft! You can also cut a single plug vertically and make two sailboats … Try several models, whatever you do, your boat will float! You can prepare a whole fleet for bath games!

A doormat
To place under a plant or to accommodate the visit, cut your caps in half and stick them together until you get a big enough rectangle. You can even write a welcome message with a bit of black paint and a stencil.


A coaster
What better way to protect your table than a light, unique and hand-made coaster? Glue the caps and cut around a circle with an X-Acto knife. You can have them painted by children for an even more unique look!

A letter
Cut out the shape of a letter from your initials or those of your children in a rigid material and paste caps that will completely cover your model. You can then hang your work on the door of the person who owns this initial.

Animate them
Two caps, a handful of paper clips and you’re ready to make skits that will entertain children. With a little effort, these animated caps could fit into your decor to bring a small air of lightness.

With matches, toothpicks and small napkins, you can create reindeer for the kids! And if it’s not Christmas time, just say it’s caribou!

A floating door
Make a custom door by attaching a hook to a cork. Your port will be easy to find at the bottom of your handbag and your keys will not risk falling into the pool!


You only need a cork to make a stamp. Dig the shape with a knife and give the stamp to your child. Each bottle will have a different and unique stamp.

A bracelet
Rina-watt made these two necklaces in memory of the late grandmother of a customer. She had the good idea of ​​turning the clasp of a drunk bottle in good company into jewelry to remember the sweet moments spent with the missing person.