Halloween is just around the corner and DIY projects are taking place all over the world in preparation for this extraordinary festival. Autumn encourages us with its extraordinary colors to either decorate with simple general DIY autumn wreaths that would stay for the entire season or simply get started with DIY Halloween ideas. Anyway, nothing can stop us from welcoming the fall properly, we have excuse. Today’s guide is designed to serve you well all year round, but especially in autumn on Holloween and in winter on Christmas. We have also presented 25 beautiful and very simple DIY candle holder projects, which you can realize yourself in a second or in a moment of joy with your loved ones. Whether you use them in your own home or simply give them as a gift, we think it’s worth a try.

1st Scalloped Wood Block Candle Holder – You can use anything in DIY projects and when simple office supplies are used in the process, we get a cozy feeling when we create something original out of something on which we stumble every day with boredom, a sense of belonging and authenticity joins the project. In the full tutorial you will notice that dot stickers have been used to create a clean corrugated edge around the wooden blocks. The drill was used to drill a small hole to accommodate the candle. Feel free to experiment and create different shapes, sizes and colors, be original, find inspiration and create your own DIY candle holder project!

2nd Stenciled Festive Sack Linen Candle Holder – Nothing Easier. Find a few festive animals or forms you want to print or grab on a gold like textile, here sackcloth was used to accommodate deer and reindeer. Deer and sackcloth? Simply change the print or color to create the candlesticks for Christmas, Halloween, Easter, this candlestick project can cover you all year round.

3rd Whimsical Simplicitason Jar Lanterns – Simple, clear and bizarre preserving jar lanterns that will evoke cosiness and warmth, especially when crowned with a sprig of dried lavender or a catchy season pine! You can use a piece of leather to act as a ribbon and move with the glass wherever you need, maybe go trick-or-treating or welcome guests with style!

4. Sculptural Glamorous Spice Mill Candleholder – These were IKEA spice mills, if you can believe it, this is a very simple project that will surely delight your guests. You just have to try it.

5 Shinny Glitter Votive Holder – Sparkly and shiny solutions are ideal for some. With a few of these gold glitter votive candle holders on the chimney or coffee table, you’re sure to add a touch of glamour and luxury.

6th Structured Lace Cement Votives – A mixture of concrete and lace is a mixture of something very delicate, reasonable and full of substance and something rough, dense and massive, an exceptional contrast with an excellent end product. You can easily see them as a difficult task when you think of the material, but when you take a close-up you realize that the detailed details that structure the object. Whether they stand on a wooden table, a glass coffee table or a chimney, they are sure to make a statement.

7. If you have a little muscle mass, you can go through this project, a highly sculptural element that will surely enhance your dining table as the centerpiece. Pull the copper tube with a pair of pliers around a circular base and you’ve got it!

8th Mystical Constellation Votives – These are something special, they add more drama, they are very romantic and they should probably enjoy in two a romantic dinner with only ambient light. They are cozy, warm and magical!

9th Original Elegant Cut Paper Candle Holders – These paper candle holders are safe, special, easy to make and personal, a great way to upgrade plan glass candle holders. Just take a classic A4 paper, cut a U-shape with the exacto knife or scalper and use double-sided tape to wrap it. Simple, efficient and graphic. Make sure that the paper cannot be illuminated and poses a fire hazard. Use only small candles as shown above.

10th Smooth Paper Candle Wraps – Following the same line of thought as the above solution, this paper candle carries a simple motif that you simply love. Any printed A4 paper can become your candle paper. This means you basically have unlimited possibilities.

11th Graphic Sculptural Wood Dipped Candle Holdere in an Elegant Teal Tone – Some of us have bought wooden eggs for Easter, with the aim of every prank by painting them, most of us have never used them before. If that is the case and you feel skillful, you can turn them into sculptural candlesticks. The example shown in mint teal is very graphic and suitable for any interior.

12th Birthday Candle Block Carrying Rosa – This is a DIY solution that takes away the fun of blowing candles laid on the cake, in fact, but for some high-maintenance individuals it could be exactly what we need. Simple, clean and graphic, you simply find the color that loves you or the famous person.

13 Unique Painted Votives – Just scribble watery paint on the insidings of a clear glass Votives to get this dramatic artistic look, don’t stop until you get the exact result you want.

14. structured concrete votive holder – you can make this small piece wherever you want. It will look interesting in a modern office or minimalist loft. You can mirror it on a glass coffee table for a dramatic look or embed it in beautiful succulents to complement it.

15 Mercury Candle Holder – Simple glassware has never been so graphic. A Mercury glass DIY project sounds incredibly hard for most of us to do, follow the link and you’ll find that all you need is a simple tube of spray paint.

16. neat little candlesticks made of clay – The advantage here is that you can create how many candlesticks you need. Unlike most DIY projects, you don’t use an existing object. Perfect for a small formal event or a large wedding, they can also be made from pre-colored oven-baked clay that adds a touch of color and brightness to the table.

17. solid wood motif holder This is one of the most extraordinary ideas presented in our guide. It doesn’t take much time to find a decent wood blank where you can start carving. This becomes an exceptional focus, wherever you place it, whether you want to keep the wood structure sharp or antique the piece creatively, you can do nothing wrong!

18. Versatile candleholder wrapped in rope Sensual or rustic, however you see it, this DIY project can fit pretty much anywhere, especially complemented by a massive white candle that will contrast the dense texture of the rope with its impeccable volume. In the picture above, the carrier used was once a cardboard core of paint tape.

19th Industrial Candle Holder Copper Tube Ensemble – You already know that the home depot and hardware stores are two drops of heaven. This copper candelabra is made from copper tubes and connectors that you should be able to find in any professional store.

20th Photography Film Negative Candleholders – Fortunately, we know what preceded the digital photography we now make use of. If you have a few negatives in your home, you can create some unique votive pieces, the candle flame will bring old memories back to life.

21st Dark Wood Texture Intensification of a Block Candle Holder : Recycle Everything! Have you thrown a piece of wood somewhere in the corner? Use it as a candleholder after carefully cleaning and scrubbing it and making it look vintage chic.

22. antlers candleholders : antlers are not so common, but if you own a pair, try it with some copper and voila! A beautiful rather strange candle holder.

23. ice cube tray votive holder : Use silicone ice cube trays to make a plastic candle holder. You can even mix the colors or paint at the end for a more elegant and personal touch.

24th Tree Slice Candle Holder: Tafel Paint Tree Disc Candle Holder, anyone? Why not?

25th Cathrineholm Candle Holder: Add colorful glass paper candle holders and cut them into beautiful shapes so the light can shine through.