Amaryllis and Hyacinths in Wax – Deco & Gift Idea

Already twice I got an amaryllis in wax for Christmas and was extremely enthusiastic when it blossomed. If you do not come along and ask yourself what an Amaryllis is in wax, Amaryllis, like the hyacinth, is an ornamental plant that sprouts from a flower bulb and blooms beautifully once a year. In recent years, the trend amaryllis and hyacinths has not been in the flowerpot but with waxed flower bulb for sale, developed.

Hyacinths & Amaryllis in wax

DIY gift idea and colorful winter / spring decoration

  • hyacinths
  • Amaryllis
  • candle wax *
  • crayons *
  • Shish kebab for stirring
  • Scissors

The waxed flower bulbs are placed in the apartment and are a beautiful winter or spring decoration. They do not have to be poured or fertilized. After some time, the plant will bloom by itself.

The idea plays with the fascination that a plant makes its way without any care and attention and blossoms beautifully. Everything she needs is pulled out of her onion. In the meantime, every year waxed amaryllis are found in the garden or supermarket, ready to be given away for Christmas.

Wax Amaryllis / Hyacinth after flowering

The trend has – as so often – also a dark side. Year after year, faded flowers are easily disposed of in the trash. Because a waxed flower bulb will bloom only once. After flowering, the plant needs water and nutrients so as not to pass up. Hardly possible with a solid layer of wax around the root.

Plant Lovers will not be happy with this DIY idea. If you do not have a green thumb and spend half of all newly purchased plants within the first weeks after purchase (like me), growing bulbs is an interesting idea.

And anyway, a waxed flower bulb is pure magic! From experience, I can say that flowering, waxed plants have the potential to arouse fascination and interest in nature among visitors and recipients – where there would not be otherwise. 🙂

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Amaryllis and hyacinths – ornamental plants for winter and spring

Christmas is already over and it is already too late to grow the Amaryllis flower bulb. Therefore, I decided on my small project for hyacinths. They later bloom as Amaryllis and are sold in January / February at every flower shop. According to my research, the growing of bulbs on these two varieties definitely works.

For the hyacinths I bought a pot with several onions. This made the DIY project very cheap. Individual hyacinths were much more expensive than a pot with several plants.

Hyacinths from the pot – removing roots

The hyacinths had already formed a large root ball. I divided the plants and cut the roots down to a small amount.

Step by step to flower bulbs in wax

1.Put the hyacinths in a cup of water before growing. They should be allowed to supply themselves once more properly with water. Leave the plantlet in water for 3 – 4 hours.

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2. Remove the hyacinths from the water, dry with a kitchen towel and carefully remove the remaining roots. The onion should be completely dry before growing.

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3.Heat candle wax or old candles in a water bath until it becomes liquid. Do not cook the wax while doing this.
I take an old saucepan and an empty can for the water bath.

But beware! The wax can no longer be removed from the container used without residue. Therefore, it should be an old or no longer needed vessel.
Candle wax is easy to color with crayons. Perfectly organic crayons made of pure beeswax. Add a little of the crayon to the mixture and heat with the wax.

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. 4 Allow the wax to cool until it is almost hard again. Too hot wax is not good for the flower bulb. Getting the right time, when the wax is still easy to process, is the art of plant-growing. 🙂  hyacinth and amaryllis in wax (1 of 1) -8 "width =" 1024 "height =" 683

5.For a nice layer of wax, the onion must be dipped several times in the wax. Allow the wax to dry for a few seconds between each operation.

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Whether colorful or noble white. The waxed flower bulbs are a great decoration and an interesting gift. As you can see, the plantlets are now blossoming. This year I will also try to save the onions after the flowering. This means removing the wax and putting the plants back in a pot. Let’s see if that links. 🙂

 hyacinth and amaryllis in wax (1 of 1) -8

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