February 14th is Valentine’s Day! Valentine’s Day is known to divide the world into two camps: On the one hand, those who can not get enough of romance and the celebration of “holidays” and on the other hand those who rigorously reject Valentine’s Day as a consumer holiday. Valentine’s Day is like Halloween. I needed some time to get used to it. In the meantime, however, I can understand very well that on this day something nice together – if already in love and in relationship – or sends (secret) love greetings, dates, comes closer. That’s the spice in life! Of course, flowers play on Valentine’s Day over and over again and often, and what’s more fitting than a diet-DIY: beautifully packaging Valentin’s flowers.

 Valentine's Flowers Beautifully Pack

Packing Flowers – Materials

-a printer & paper
– beautiful tape or transparent tape
My Valentine’s Freebie

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best. Whether your best friend or love interest – so you can beautifully wrap your Valentine flower greetings:

1. Download My Valentine’s Freebie

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. 2 Print one of the three patterns on plain copy paper or printer paper.

3.Turn the sheet of paper into a bag.

. 4 Tape the paper with the tape so that it does not roll up. Washi tape is often not strong enough to stick paper permanently. If your tape does not stick very well, you can help out with some paper glue.

. 5 Cut the flower box at the top and bottom edge to match.

When packing the flowers, note that the stems can damage the paper when wet. It makes sense, therefore, to dry the flower stems A. beforehand with a kitchen roll or to wrap them once more with newspaper etc. 🙂

Yes and then it says: That’s it! Looks great, does not it? Happy Valentine!

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