Subito after our Christmas tree flies through the living room window out into the garden, I am happy every year again about order in the whole house. The lush decoration comes out and the general mucking is on the program. Of course, this always includes a general cleaning of our house. And it seems that I’m not the only one who dreams of cleanliness and order. The trend of tidying up is booming and there are tons of inspirations, be it online, in the bookstore or on TV. Marie Kondo, the “cleanup king” par excellence, has even had a successful series on Netflix. Although I am not Marie, I still have some tips for you in stock, so you can organize and stress-free tackle the spring cleaning.

. 1 let inspire you

After reading the great book Einfach leben by Lina Jachmann, I was so inspired that I started to clean up and clean up almost euphorically. In this minimalist guidebook you will find not only great tips on how to create perfect order, but also stimulating home stories, exciting interviews and cool instructions for a sustainable and tidy life.

(DIY All Purpose Orange Cleaner from the book Simple Life)

. 2 First is cleaned up
Before you start cleaning, you have to
to be cleaned up properly. Take time to sort out and dispose of properly
all unnecessary or bring it to the Brockenhaus. The cleaning is twice as
fast, if not everywhere something lies around.

. 3 Do not do it all at once

Forget multitasking. If you are really serious about the order and cleaning action, then room by room. Begin with the space you are most likely to be in and then erase it in one go. Then you can clean the room thoroughly. Only when everything is ready, you make your way to the next room. Who tackles the whole apartment at once, often gets bogged down, or is quickly overwhelmed by the many tasks.

. 4 A Make a list


Write down what’s in store for everything in the rooms. So you keep track and it is a satisfying feeling to gradually delete tasks from your list. Online there are many great lists that you just have to print out.

. 4 Turn the music on

Everything is easier with the right beat. When Queen’s Do not Stop Me Now blares out of the speakers, I can not stop myself. On Spotify there are cool pre-made lists like Die Putz Playlist. Fits right?

. 5 Together is one less alone


Who says that you have to do everything yourself? Everyone in the family should contribute to the spring cleaning. The children can help muck their rooms and the goddess may also like to lend a hand. It’s best to sit down and spread the tasks among you. Then everyone should set a deadline and then you can start.

. 6 Savior in Need: the Junk-Drawer

Even the neatest house needs one
“Scrunchy drawer” with space for rubber bands, post-it, screw caps,
Staples and Co. But that’s not where the ultimate chaos reigns, dear
keep everything in small boxes and also necessarily from time to time again

. 7 rewarded you

When all the jobs are done and the house really shines, reward yourself with a bouquet of flowers, a manicure for the battered cleaning hands, or an extra yoga class. No matter what it is, the main thing is you say thank you for the work done. They are looking forward to the next cleaning action.