Recently I stumbled on the website and I liked the partly very creative birthday invitations immediately. Anyone who has ever invited to an event, will know the problem: a creative invitation card must be here and too expensive should not be the whole. For round birthdays, anniversaries or weddings, suppliers such as wunderkarten, optimalprint or card paradise can deliver beautiful birthday invitations in large numbers.
Who wants to make a hundred invitation cards at home? Such portals offer an optimal price / performance ratio. Due to the numerous templates and the possibility to personalize his invitation cards with his own pictures and texts, a media designer or agency can be dispensed with.

When ordering larger quantities, the price per invitation drops. If you think that with the abundance of providers the price per invitation card is very similar, but you are wrong. According to my research, the prices are very different. This is mainly due to the different and sometimes unique combinations of formats and paper types.

A Round Birthday is Arriving

This year, friends of ours have several round birthdays and my friend will celebrate a big birthday. For the birthday invitations I finally decided for the provider This had less to do with the price of the cards. At first glance, I fell in love with a card design. Although the design was also available from other birthday invitation providers, I found the design to be the most realistic with the wonder cards. It is the replica of a concert ticket. It just fits us perfectly. We’re at festival at least once a year and love live music.

Create Invitations Online

Also, making the invitation card was extremely easy and the editor so easy to use that I could create the invitation card in a minute. The map creation is completely web-based and also on the Smartphone / Mac well practicable. That is probably not standard. At least I was quite shocked that I should actually install a flash player in the competitor Flyer Alarm to be able to design maps. 🙂

All texts and pictures can be easily clicked on and changed. For this, the font can be changed and the font size adjusted. At the end of the design process I was really surprised:


There is a free spell checker! How practical is that? The spell checker is also checked for brightness. I guess that pictures and their optical quality are checked during printing. This can certainly be very helpful when using your own pictures. Even when printing my own pictures, I have already been badly surprised. Colors and brightness deviated from the expected result and unfortunately it did not look that good.

The choice of paper was also clearly implemented:

A few weeks ago I already had some pictures printed on canvas and looked at other providers and their services in this context. Maybe I’m a bit old-fashioned, that’s what I’m getting at first. But the selection and the service for online ordering of photo products and nice birthday invitations has become really great. Since it is actually only:

How the birthday has become and what DIY decoration I will make for it … more to come. )

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