I love beautifully decorated tables: flowers, special dishes, exceptional cutlery, some decoration and good food. Well, who does not really like that? 🙂 Good, that soon a whole series of holidays are pending, take a bit of stress from everyday life and invite you to socialize with family and friends.

This year I want to cover a really festive Easter table with chic handlettering place cards and home-made table decoration. That’s why I made myself of some easter bunnies made of wire.

The bunnies are not only decorative, but can also perform a very tangible function: As holders for place cards, menus or small pictures, they enhance every Easter brunch.

If you are wondering if the smart place cards with line structure and modern calligraphy font are made by yourself, unfortunately I have to disappoint you. I would rather leave that to the professionals, in this case sendmoments, an online shop that I would like to recommend to you, especially with regard to the coming wedding season and public holidays of all kinds. Here you can print invitation cards, menu cards, place cards, pendants and even confetti in the same design. The templates are super modern and something for every taste.

As a lover of beautiful things I have discovered a real sweetheart at sendmoments. For something hidden, you will find in the online shop murals with the special something. At sendmoments you have the possibility to print your own pictures as a poster with a relief of gold or silver foil. You know embossing? The relief is visually very similar to embossing, only, well, much more perfect than homemade. )

In any case, I could not resist and had to order a few murals. That’s how it all looks like.

I love it!

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In one step to DIY Easter decoration

The homemade Easter bunches made of wire are actually made very simple. There are only two sticking points: the firm footing and the beautiful shape. 🙂

 Wire table decoratoin tinker Easter bunnies as a card holder


Placecard holder made of wire

Making Easter bunnies out of wire as a placeholder
Working Hours 10 Minutes
Author Wendy


  • 40cm Paper Wire


  • Bend three times a circle the size of a tealight.
  • Without deposing three times an 8 with a slightly smaller upper part representing the head.
  • Add the ears at the last 8 at the top.

The Easter Bunnies are made from a single piece of wire.

First, you start with a firm footing. Depending on the strength of the wire it takes min. three orbiting wire. Otherwise, the DIY Easter Bunny will simply top up in the end – especially if he still has to carry a place card, etc.

To do this, unwind a long piece of wire and bend a circle the size of a tealight three times.

After the three wire circles, you bend an 8 with a slightly smaller upper part, which represents the head.

Again, I bent a 8 with the wire three times. In the last round, the ears are added at the top.

In order for a place card to be fixed, the ears must also be min. be bent twice. Body and ears are done, cut off the wire and fasten as little as possible.

The first Easter Bunny is still a bit difficult and wobbly. At the second wire bunny and even more at the third bunny it slowly slips and the shapes become more harmonious. 🙂

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