I am not satisfied with the way in which ‘new’ people are treated. If, after all, you have not done the right thing from my own social security point of view, then you can do it in your own time, and it has been so painful:).

There would be nothing more to be done than from the loft, so that we could properly form the ‘framework’ that I would have liked to have seen with the tasty, simple farce. I have not quite been able to find anything that has been done in the past, which I can also do. That is why I am in favour of these arrangements in the area of metal rings.

I have both worked with a metal ring and a metal ring around me. They do not allow us to do that and if there is no one there for the sake of it, so we can just take a look at the mat at 🙂

It is actually an IKEA hack, but now it will be in what is an insertion other than the series. It has cost around 40 kilometres to sell.

You have to go through:

1 potte i zinc (min er købt i IKEA)
And metalring
Guld spray eel
Borremaskine, tongs, metalbor og and tusch


Start med at bore 2 huller overfør hinanden i zinc pots. It was bridged by a lille metalbor.


Assemble and remove the store ring i hvert off the nye huller and rings.


Klip to lige store stykker kæder, som passer med at potten kan hænge inden i ringen uden at den rammer bunden. The third one is fast in the three rings.


Spraymal whole ophænget guld. I bought my meal in Biltema and found the function. Let’s take a look at the whole thing from the beguists at the plantation at 🙂

I have managed to find a whole range of ways to hang up on depositors, but you can also use them for fishing, fishing or other purposes. I can only say that the whole thing is brassware 🙂

They are worthy, and I have succeeded in getting plants to plant them, so that they will come to see how they will grow out of pots, because it will remain so at 🙂