Easter 2019 will be here soon and a cool inspiration for attractive and modern Easter Decor with Easter Bunnies awaits you! If you are looking for interesting decoration and crafting ideas for Easter, then look at the following instructions for small and large wire Easter bunnies, which you can do yourself.

Easter Bunny – one of the most popular Easter motives for crafting


The best of these DIY Easter bunnies made of wire is their versatile use as an effective table decoration for Easter and as a modern Easter decoration for windows, walls and doors. You can already make several small Easter bunnies at once and put them as an attractive accent to Easter gifts and individual Easter eggs. The simple wire forms of a rabbit are also perfect for the simple decorating of place plates or for simple and attractive napkin folds. This DIY Easter Bunny is simply one of the coolest ideas for modern Easter decor that you can mimic for this year’s Easter.


cool crafting ideas Easter: DIY Easter Bunny Napkin Ring


Materials and Tools:

  • Easter bunny template
  • Alu wire 1.02mm (18 ga) for the little Easter bunnies
  • 2.06mm (12 ga) galvanized wire for the big Easter Bunny
  • Nails and wooden plate
  • normal pliers and needle-nose pliers
  • Crimping sleeve (for stiffer wire or wire with smaller wire gauge)

Folding and decorating napkins with little easter bunnies made of wire


Let’s start with the little Easter Bunny. Print the template first. These can be found above, under Materials and Tools. To make the bunny shape faster and easier, you will need 25-30mm long nails and a wooden plate as the base for the nails. Attach the printed template to the plate and insert the nails along the rabbit contour. At every corner of the rabbit’s form it should have a nail. For the little easter bunnies you will need a total of 32 nails.

cute wire easter bunny tinker as decoration for gifts, table and window


After you have hammered all the nails, start wrapping the wire around a nail and then tighten the wire tight and taut along the rabbit’s nails. When you reach the starting point, or the nail from which you started, simply wrap the wire around it again. Take out the Easter bunny, wrap both ends together and tie a gift ribbon as an extra decoration. As many cute Easter bunnies as you like can make in just a few minutes.

as a cool Easter decoration for windows and doors can be tinker even larger Easter bunnies


If you also feel like making a bigger Easter bunny out of wire, you’ll need a little help and more strength. First, enlarge the craft template. Then repeat the step with the nails on the craft template. Using pliers, bend the wire around each corner to form the bunny. Finally, you will need a crimp sleeve in a size that matches the wire size. Insert the two ends of the ready-made Easter Bunny into the Crimping Sleeve and press it with the pliers. Finally, you can spice up the Easter Bunny with a bow or flower necklace.


one of the simplest and coolest deco and crafting ideas Easter: Easter bunny made of wire for DIY


Photos: Amy Christie

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