Rope has been present in our lives since time immemorial and has gradually lost its purpose in our daily lives. But you don’t have to be a sailor to own and use a rope in your home, and its rough texture and neutral tone can beautify many homes and create interesting home decorations. Rope DIY projects usually require few items, are very inexpensive and do not require much time from your part. Such a project involves the use of old kitchen objects, such as old cups, bottles, containers, tin cans or old tires, which by the magic of rope become beautiful assets for your home decor. Enjoy our 25 simple DIY rope projects for your home now!

1. create room dividers from rope – very subtle and elegant

2. rope coasters are very beautiful and easy to make

3. recycle an old chandelier and cover it for a dramatic effect

4. insert the drawer handle into the rope

5. use a rope and a glue gun to create soap holders for bathrooms

6. rope carpets that we really love

Rope carpets are the most beautiful object on our list. Remember to buy thick rope for a more interesting visual effect.

7th Glow in the Dark Light Rope Carpet

Bring light to your rope and you have a fun decoration. Just be careful not to get burned.

8. hanging chair with rope on your veranda for a relaxed swing

Swings are such a pleasure, so make your own veranda swing bed and hang it with thick ropes.

9. add rope ladders to your bunk beds

Why do you add solid wood ladders when you can add transparent rope ladders?

10. cover an old tyre with a rope and build a small stool – only for outdoor use, tyres are poisonous!

This is the most fun DIY rope project, but, as I said before, do not be carried away and put the ottoman inside. The rubber can be toxic to your environment.

11. March all the way and hang up an old boat in your living room as a couch

We would definitely try this project out for ourselves. It looks so fresh and unique that you can’t possibly not love it.

12. difficult rope in a beautiful small carpet

Rope carpets look even better when they are complicated due to the material, so get creative!

13. create Plate Coaster with rope and color

Choose a bright rope and some color and personalize your coasters.

14. add unusual lighting with rope suspended

Modern interior decoration means a certain amount of unconventional and light bulbs with rope hanging can undoubtedly fall under this category.

15. ceiling an old lamp in a rope

Don’t throw away old household spaces, recycle them and bring them back to life.

16. use rope as stair railing

You don’t really need a wooden or metal track, try rope!

17. Do you have a hanging bed in your bedroom – why not?

Swing to the next level and go to sleep every night.

18. hanging shelves are so beautiful and transparent. Beware of the balance!

Don’t you have enough walls for all your shelves? Add rope shelves in front of a window. They are transparent enough and the position emphasizes the objects displayed on them.

19. decorate an old mirror frame with a rope

Mirror frames are very important and can change the hole decor, so create a nautical theme and cover the frame in the rope.

20. create small rope baskets and decorate them with colorful thinner ropes

Rope baskets are very useful for small storage and, as you can see, very easy to make.

21. make your own rope bag for your grocery stores

Beautiful and noble, a rope bag is perfect for that Saturday morning shopping morning at the local market.

22. small glass coasters in different colours

Keep your table wet with rope straps.

23. add a rope to a preserving jar and create an unusual light

We know lighting. Again. But we find this preserving jar rope light simply beautiful.

24. delicate light bulb and rope plant holders

Fragile and delicate, a light bulb rope hanging plant holder can be a very elegant and unusual decoration at home.

25. last but not least – the classic rope swing

And because we mentioned swinging, the classic rope swing had to be included in this small collection. Swing away!