It was icy cold and sunny last week, finally real winter weather (okay, a bit of snow would have been fine). I like it when it’s frosty outside. When the puddle ice crunches under your feet, your breath makes clouds and hoarfrost glitters on twigs. When we come home with reddened noses and cheeks and cold fingers and a hot cocoa tastes especially good. So that the birds also get an extra portion of something tasty, the children have tied little feeding swings for titmice dumplings, which now hang on our balcony and in the allotment garden.

You can see how we did it in the little video tutorial below. If you don’t want to buy ready-made tit dumplings, here’s our recipe for fat food.

You need:

400 g coconut fat
200 g wheat bran
200 g sunflower seeds
100 g millet
100 g broken peanut (unsalted!)
1,5 tbsp sunflower oil

Slowly heat the coconut fat in a pot until it is liquid. Then stir in the remaining ingredients. After it has cooled down you can make dumplings out of the mixture. If you like, you can also coat pine cones with it and hang them in trees and bushes.

I wish you a lot of fun while doing handicrafts, watching birds and enjoying winter days.