Make Body Butter Yourself - Valentine's Day Gift DIY
Make Body Butter Yourself – Valentine’s Day Gift DIY

You want to give your sweetheart a special treat for Valentine’s Day? You enjoy the production of cosmetics? With this simple recipe, you can make beautiful little gifts in no time. You only need a few raw materials and materials, no expensive bells and whistles: making body butter yourself.

Psst … are you looking for an inexpensive but beautiful Valentine’s Day celebration? Say it with flowers and with my DIY idea, each bouquet becomes a very special, individual gift.

Valentine’s Day Gift – nourishing body butter

Simple basic recipe for a nourishing body butter.
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Working Hours 20 Minutes


  • 40 gr Shea butter
  • 40 gr Beeswax white
  • 5 gr Castor oil
  • 3 Drop Biokons
  • 1 gr Pigment Red
  • 1 Spoon Rose petals or cassis powder


  • Kitchen scale *
  • A pot for the water bath
  • Spoon (made of glass / plastic ) to stir the raw materials
  • E in glass jar for raw materials
  • Muffin Molds made of Silicone *


  • Shea butter, beeswax and color pigments in a water bath to melt. Make sure that the mixture does not get over 70 ° C.
  • Allow the mixture to cool slightly, then stir in castor oil.
  • Place rose petals or cassis powder in a tin. Fill the molds with the still liquid body butter.
  • After one day, the body butter is hardened in heart shape and can be used.

In the best case, you cook all the materials you use at the beginning. How to Prevent Nucleation in Your Product

1. First prepare a vessel for the water bath, into which you fill the raw materials. In the best case you use a glass jar; so you can see exactly if all the raw materials have liquefied and connected. Mix together the three basic ingredients in the jar. The water in the pot should not cook – make sure that no water gets to your raw materials! This would bring the body butter into contact with germs.
Keep stirring the mix of raw materials. Only when all components have really completely dissolved, you should take the vessel out of the water.

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2.Nun You should let it cool down for a short time. In the best case, you also stir around here permanently. But be careful, because the bees wax does not harden for a very long time and then solidifies.
If the glass jar is lukewarm (rather warmer than colder), add the remaining ingredients and mix well. The Biokons serves to make your body butter last longer because it keeps germs out.

3.In the meantime, prepare the molds and fill them with a decoration material of your choice. Here with rose petals and cassis powder. You can give free rein to your imagination here. Note, however, that these ingredients do not dissolve later like the body butter but stay on the skin 😉 So you might have to experiment a bit.

4. Now pour the still liquid mixture into the prepared molds. Make sure you pour slowly.

5. Now carefully place the molds in a quiet place and let them cool and harden at least overnight.
Once the molds have cooled, you can carefully remove the hardened body butter from the silicone molds. You already have a beautiful body butter with individual decoration.

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