It’s almost Christmas and I come up with a decoration idea for Christmas. Much too late, or not? Well, sometimes it just takes a bit longer and if it is nothing more in this year with the tinkering of my fancy stars, then maybe next year. Although … this DIY idea is so cheap and fast that you can easily complete it within an hour.

Shish kebab skewers and polystyrene balls = self-made stars that immediately catch your eye.

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Make Stars – Materials

Shashlik skewers from the supermarket or drugstore
Styrofoam balls (diameter 6 -10 cm) – available in every craft shop
Spray paint * (Attention: on the paint should be explicitly “suitable for Styrofoam”)
Adhesive pads * or thread as a suspension
Scissors / Cutter

 My recommendation for you

My recommendation for you

            Spray paint for Styrofoam

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If you wonder what makes this DIY idea so special: it costs almost nothing! If you already have a suitable spray paint at home, the cost of materials is just EUR 1 per star. With it you can make many stars for only a few EUR.

Step by step tinkering the star

I attached my stars to the wall with adhesive pads. This means that it is actually half-stars. In order for the sticking of the stars to work well, I cut off part of the styrofoam ball with a craft knife. Of course, you can leave the balls around if you want to hang them in the middle of the room, for example.

Now the shashlik skewers are used. They are poked with the pointed side into the polystyrene ball. So that the star looks more interesting, I shorten some of the shashlik skewers with the secateurs by 5 – 10 cm. These shashlik skewers are just stuck in the polystyrene ball. They make the star look more uneven. Of course, you can design as you like and, for example, leave all skewers the same length.

You need 40 – 50 shashlik skewers for a home-made (half) star. Of course, how many skewers you need depends on the size of the polystyrene ball. Styrofoam balls with a diameter of 6 cm and 8 cm were used with me.

Finally, the star is decorated with spray paint: white, gold, black or colorful – that’s up to you and your taste. But beware! Solvent-based spray paint decomposes Styrofoam. As a color own, for example, acrylic sprays, which are released for Styrofoam, like this one *.

Make stars – out of skewers

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