Nursing lip balm with orange scent make it yourself

Do you have dry lips in the cold season? Would you like to make your own cosmetics? Then you are exactly right with this uncomplicated recipe for beginners. In addition, you get yourself with the yellow color pigment still small sun rays in the cold winter 😉

Making Orange-Lip Balm

Colorful nourishing lip balm with orange flavor
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Working Hours 20 Minutes


  • 5 gr Almond oil
  • 5 gr Jojoba oil
  • 5 gr Beeswax white
  • 20 gr Shea butter
  • 4 Drop Biokons
  • Pigment Yellow
  • 4 Drop Blood Orange


  • Fill beeswax into a glass jar and melt in a water bath
  • Give add the oils and shea butter to the semi-molten wax
  • When the raw materials are well mixed (and perfectly liquid), take them out of the water bath and let them cool off
  • Add Biocon, Color Pigment, and Orange Oil to the hand-warm mixture
  • Fill the liquid mixture into small glass cases and allow to cool

In addition to the already mentioned raw materials (see recipe box) you need the following materials:

  • Glass jar for mixing raw materials
  • Pot for water bath
  • Plastic or glass spoon for mixing raw materials
  • Kitchen scale
  • Small glass jars for storage
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First, boil all the materials you use in hot water to prevent germs from forming.
Would you like to make a vegan product? Then simply replace the beeswax with a berry wax or optionally more shea butter.

Start by measuring the raw materials and mixing them in a glass jar. This does not have to be very big. If you do not own one, another vessel will go; however, one can only see in glass if all the ingredients are well mixed.
Add the wax, butter and jojoba and almond oil together in the prepared glass jar and heat the mass in a water bath. Make sure that the water does not boil and does not come in your raw material mixture. On contact with water, the liquid raw materials can form germs.

When all raw materials are liquid and completely mixed, take the glass jar out of the water bath and allow it to cool briefly.
As soon as it is only lukewarm, you can add the biocon and the orange oil. If these were well stirred in, only the color clover is missing; -)
You can add the color pigment in any quantity. Note, however, that the more pigment you add, the more color (that is, darker) will be. Mix this mixture very well as well.

Cosmetics can be dyed with pigments.

Pour the still liquid raw material mixture into the small glass forms, which you have also boiled off and dried well (!) Before. Let the glasses harden for at least 6 hours. To be able to harden but be protected, do not close the lid, but place it on the container.

Then you can try out your lip balm 😊

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