Packaging Christmas Gifts

Tomorrow is already Christmas! Nevertheless you are looking for a brilliant idea to quickly and easily spice up your Christmas present creatively? Then I have something for you:


– Paper 120 gr.
– Scalpel
– Printer
– Tape

You like to pack gifts just like me? Then you will like this idea. The nice thing about it: It can be easily adapted to any special occasion and you only need paper, a sharp scalpel and some patience.

First, print out the lettering on normal copy paper. Use a clear font without serifs such as Arial. From a font size of about 40 pt (depending on the font) you can cut the result well with the scalpel. Make sure the scalpel is sharp.

Cut out the lettering roughly and place it on the 120 gr. Paper as a template. To work safely, glue the template to the paper. So she can not slip. Cut out the lettering with the scalpel. Leave the lower part of the letters connected to the paper. It is best to use a cutting pad so that your work surface does not get scratched.

Gently press the letters out of the paper. Now you can cut the paper into matching strips and arrange with adhesive film on your gift.

Another tip: Washi Tape is unfortunately not suitable for sticking the paper strips. The adhesive power is not strong enough. Tesafilm is more suitable.

Packaging Christmas presents – individual and creative

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