While many of the first tulips are already moving into the apartments in spring, we are holding on to winter. Maybe soon some snowflakes will get lost in the north. We would like to go sledging, build snow lanterns and have a snowball fight. And inside it can still be winter. For our seasonal table we have made some snowflakes.

You need:

big Wichtel: 2 half-drilled wooden balls (4 cm and 2.5 cm ⦰)
little gnome: 2 half-drilled wooden balls (3 cm and 2 cm ⦰)
white handicraft felt
All-purpose glue or wood glue
white yarn
silver yarn
some fairy tale wool or cotton wool

First you glue the wooden balls together. Make sure that the hole of the lower ball points exactly downwards so that the ball can stand well. Glue the top ball to the bottom ball with the hole facing down. For the snowflake of the big gnome cut out a circle of about 7 cm diameter and paint on a simple snowflake (see picture below). I did it freehand (not bad if it gets a bit crooked and irregular). Of course there are also lots of snowflake templates in the net. Cut out the snowflake, cut it from the side and cut a small circle in the middle. Then put the flake like a cape around the gnome and fix it with glue.

For the simple cape also cut a circle of 7 cm diameter. Cut a two-thirds circle with a small opening for the neck. Place the cape around the gnome and glue it together at the front.

The large gnomes have a cap made from the third of a circle of felt about 7 cm in diameter. Roll the piece of felt into a pointed cap and sew it together. Embroider a small snowflake on the centre of the cap with silver thread, fill with fairytale wool and glue to the heads.

The snowflake cape of the little gnome consists of a circle 4.5 cm in diameter, the cap of the third of a circle 6 cm in diameter.