International stars always rely on outfits by Swiss designers
International stars always rely on outfits by Swiss designers

At the Billboard Music Awards, which will take place on 2 May 2019 in Las Vegas, Madonna will wear a dress by Zurich designer Ezgi Cinar. This is not the first time that international celebrities have turned to Swiss fashion.

1. Michelle Obama in a trouser suit of the Swiss label Akris

For the presentation of her biography “Becoming” Michelle Obama travelled through America at the end of 2018. On her entire book tour, the former first lady showed herself to be stylistically confident as usual. We especially remember the blue trouser suit of the Swiss high fashion label Akris.

2. Madonna wears a lace dress by Ezgi Cinar

On Instagram, Madonna provides insight into her current rehearsals for the upcoming Billboard Music Awards in several posts. The pictures show that she is wearing a lace dress by Zurich designer Ezgi Cinar. The garment is – as the designer tells “20min” – a special design for the 60-year-old Queen of Pop.

3. Rihanna showed up in a complete look by Julia Seemann

The Zurich designer Julia Seemann was just 21 years old when Rihanna wore a complete look from her – consisting of a dark crop jeans, denim jacket and turquoise top. The R’n’B and pop singer appeared at Kanye West’s YEEZY show in 2015. Immediately numerous pictures of her outfit circulated on the net. Rihanna was photographed among other prominent personalities such as Beyoncé, Kim K and Alexander Wang.

4. singer Björk promoted her new album in a creation by Kévin Germanier

The Icelandic singer Björk wore a sustainable creation by the young Swiss fashion designer Kévin Germanier. The picture was used to promote her album “utopia” (2017).

5. Kylie Jenner appeared in a jacket of Collective Swallow

Last summer, Kylie Jenner appeared in a jacket from the Collective Swallow fashion label, which was founded in 2015 by Anaïs Marti from Berne and Ugo Pecoraio from Basel. “When she posted our look on Instagram, it attracted a lot of attention,” the design duo told us.

6. Lisa Besset’s leather masks were part of Roisin Murphy’s music video

For her diploma thesis, the Basel designer designed leather masks. Three of them were worn shortly afterwards by the singer Róisín Murphy (known from Moloko) in the music video “Sow Into You” (2005).

7th Helena Christensen on the beach in Julian Zigerli’s Christmas sweater

Only recently the Danish supermodel Helena Christensen appeared in a sweater by Julian Zigerli, which was marketed for Christmas 2018. With this garment, the Zurich designer wants to draw attention to the advancing climate change. This is precisely what Christensen addressed in her Instagram Post, which she published on World Heritage Day on 18 April 2019.

8. Kristen Stewart wore a leather skirt from Yvy

In February 2017 the US-American actress Kristen Stewart, who hosted the show “Saturday Night Live” in February 2017, wore a rock by Yvy. The label of Yvonne Reichmuth was only 4 years old. Today the Swiss fashion designer is long established in Hollywood, but the list of famous outfit wearers is long: Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Monica Bellucci, Kylie Jenner, Gwen Stefani or Janet Jackson are among them.