For a really good hair mask you can either spend a lot of money in drugstores or simply make it yourself. The ideal hair cure recipe for your needs can be found here.

Whether in the summer or winter months, your hair longs for moisture. For this you should pay attention to a rich care.

The best way to do this is to apply an intensive hair treatment once a week. Don’t worry – you don’t have to buy expensive hair care products, just have a look in the kitchen and you have all the ingredients for a DIY hair mask and can do your own hair treatment. Quite simple 🙂

What’s a hair cure and what’s the point?
A hair treatment is for the hair just like a face mask for the complexion.

A hair mask is an intensive care treatment that is tailored to the hair type. There are special cures for dry hair to get more volume or against split ends.

And also those that help your hair grow faster. Or get rid of greasy hairline.

What all self made hair masks have in common is that they should be used regularly.

For optimal results, care should remain in the hair for 15 to 30 minutes.

Do hair treatment yourself – Why is it worth the effort?
Conventional hair masks from drugstores brag about promises and true miracles. No more nodules, silky soft and shiny hair and lots of volume on top of that.

In order to maintain these advertising statements, these products are usually full of artificial additives and silicones.

Silicones, in particular, ensure that your hair becomes shinier and smoother for a short time, but in the longer term the damage is intensified.

The artificial ingredients are deposited layer by layer on the hair. As a result, natural care substances can no longer penetrate the hair. Your hair becomes dull, dry and brittle.

You don’t have to surrender to this fate. Doing a hair treatment yourself can be so easy and your hair will be cared for in a natural way, without any artificial or harmful ingredients.

How often do I have to use a hair treatment?
I advise you to apply a hair treatment 1 to 2 times a week. You can even apply a hair care mask for stressed or dry hair after every wash.

With a self-made treatment, it is not possible to overcare your hair, because there are no softeners such as silicones contained.

However, you should not apply a manufactured hair mask for greasy hair more than 1 to 2 times a week.

This is because frequent use can dry out the scalp and hair too much. This makes sebum production react even more strongly. By the way, overcare is the biggest mistake if you tend to have greasy hair anyway!

Do the 5 best hair treatments yourself
Here we present you five different recipes for different hair needs, which care for your hair in a natural way.

Tip: To enhance the effect, wrap your hair with the hair mask in cling film. Then wrap it in a towel.

Attention: Hair conditioners should never be washed too hot. Ingredients such as honey or egg can otherwise stick together and stubbornly stick to your hair. If you can’t get the mask out of your hair, use a conditioner.

If you have just blonded your hair, pay special attention. If the hair treatment has an intense colour, the hair can transfer to the blond hair. The hair can then take on the colour of the mask – from green, yellow to orange, everything can be present 🙂

Make your own hair cure for greasy hair

Here come the ingredients you need to make it. I’ve bought almost all of them online and put them with a link. You can order all ingredients marked with a * directly from Amazon.

lukewarm water
2 tablespoons healing clay*
1 drop lavender oil*
1 dash of lemon juice
Preparation and use

Put the healing clay in a bowl and sprinkle with a dash of lemon juice.

Stirring constantly, add lukewarm water until the mixture is spreadable.

Optionally you can add a drop of essential lavender oil.

After washing your hair, spread this mush on the wet hair. Massage in the hair treatment well.

Don’t forget to knead the care into the hair tips.

The treatment should last 30 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with plenty of warm water.

Hair treatment as household remedy against split endsHair treatment as household remedy against split ends

4 tablespoons honey*
1 egg yolk
1 teaspoon lemon juice
Preparation and use

Separate the egg yolk from the egg white and stir with the honey until creamy.

Now add the lemon juice and spread the treatment evenly over the hair.

Allow the treatment to take effect for 30 minutes and then rinse with plenty of warm water.

Tip: To intensify the effect, first wrap the hair with cling film and then in a towel.

Attention: Hair conditioners containing egg yolk or whole eggs must not be washed out hot! Otherwise the egg will stick in the hair. That can be quite a mess. So it’s better to start very cool first and then slowly increase the temperature.

Make your own hair treatment for more volume

1 glass of water
1 tbsp honey*
1 tsp cider vinegar*
Preparation and use

Dissolve the honey in warm water and add the cider vinegar.

Fill the liquid into a spray bottle and spray it into the hair tips as a hair treatment.

This hair treatment is not rinsed out!

Effective hair mask for brittle and dull hair

1 ripe banana
1 tsp almond oil*
Preparation and use

Peel the banana and put it in a bowl with honey or oil.

Now mix everything evenly with a fork so that you can easily wash out the mixture again.

Leave to work for about 35 minutes and then rinse with a mild shampoo.

DIY Hair Treatment for dry hair

½ Avocado
1 raw egg
1 tsp honey*
1 tsp coconut oil*
1 tsp olive oil*
approx. 50 ml water
Preparation and use

Squeeze the avocado with a fork in a bowl. Then add all the other ingredients and mix well.

Massage the porridge thoroughly into the wet hair. Let it work for 10 to 15 minutes.

Then rinse thoroughly with warm water.

Attention: Do not wash hair conditioners with egg hot! Otherwise the egg will stick in the hair. This can be quite a mess. So it is better to start very cool first and then slowly increase the temperature.

Which ingredients are suitable for DIY hair cures and why?
It is possible to do a hair treatment yourself with very simple ingredients. However, these ingredients must contain certain active ingredients in order to optimally care for your hair. You can find out which ingredients your hair treatment should contain here.

I have bought all of them online and have provided them to you with a link. All ingredients marked with a * can be ordered directly from Amazon.

Make your own hair treatment with vegetable oils
Many women are plagued by split ends and dry hair. To fight these hair problems, hair masks should contain good vegetable oils.

Olive oil is particularly suitable and can even be used against hair loss. The best thing to do is to take a cold pressed olive oil* that contains all the important ingredients.

In addition to olive oil, coconut fat* or jojoba* and almond oil* are also suitable as home remedies against split ends and dry hair.

Yoghurt and dairy products
Doing your own hair treatment with yoghurt has the advantage that it contains milk protein, which is similar to the structure of keratin (a fibre protein).

Since keratin forms the outer and inner structure of the hair, it is also responsible for keeping your mane elastic and powerful. A milk product treatment is used when you have stressed hair.

These become shiny and silky soft again after regular use.

Make Hair Mask with Egg
It is well known that eggs are good sources of protein. This also makes them an ideal ingredient for a self-manufactured hair mask.

The egg can compensate for the protein deficiency, which can be noticeable in dull, brittle and dry hair.

With an egg cure you can optimally care for your hair and make it supple again.

But beware: If your hair has enough protein, an additional protein intake can permanently overprotect your mane.

Hair treatment homemade with lemon
The juice of a lemon in a hair mask provides for a shiny hair splendour. The citrus fruit contains an astringent (astringent) substance that helps to close the dandruff layer of the hair.

The smooth, close-fitting dandruff layer reflects the light better, resulting in a natural and beautiful shine.

Make Hair Mask with Avocado
Avocados not only taste delicious, they also have a positive effect on your hair health.

As a component of hair care it ensures shiny and strong hair due to the high biotin content (vitamin B7 or vitamin H).

Doing a hair treatment yourself with Avocado is not only inexpensive and quick, but also ideal to give your stressed hair an additional portion of moisture.

For an optimal result you should use the cure twice a week.

Hair treatment yourself with Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera Gel* has two essential functions in hair care. On the one hand, it provides the hair with sufficient moisture.

If the mane has become brittle due to too much blow drying, colouring or straightening, the use of Aloe Vera can give the hair new shine. It not only absorbs quickly, but also strengthens the hair and makes it soft and supple.

The second essential function of Aloe Vera is to promote blood circulation in the scalp. The plant strengthens the hair roots, reduces bothersome itching and annoying dandruff. In addition, the desert plant supports healthy and sustainable hair growth.

Hair care with Henna
Hair treatment itself with henna as an ingredient is particularly recommended for severely damaged hair.

As a hair care product it is important that it is a colourless or neutral henna powder*, unless you want coloured hair 🙂

The colourless powder is made from the leaves of a plant (Cassia obovata) that has been used for centuries as a remedy and body care.

The colourless henna powder is ideal as an ingredient to care for your damaged hair and make it shine again.

Honey as a household remedy against split ends
Honey is not only healthy as a food, but also for your scalp and hair. Bee honey has a killing effect on pathogens, leading to faster recovery from scalp irritations.

Honey also contains enzymes that enable natural and light hair whitening. It also provides enough moisture to restore your brittle and matte hair. Honey is also often promoted as a natural remedy for hair loss.

Hair treatment yourself with banana
At the beginning it may sound strange to smear a crushed banana on your head, but the tropical fruit convinces with special powers.

It makes curly and frizzy hair healthy again, easier to comb and shiny. To strengthen this effect, the banana can be combined with an avocado and olive oil.

Make Hair Mask with Healing Earth
Doing a hair treatment yourself with healing clay* has several advantages. By the application excess sebum of the scalp is bound. Therefore it is optimal for oily hair.

In addition, horny and clogged sebaceous glands are opened, which counteracts dandruff.

Without chemical additives, greasy hair with healing clay regains its volume.

Due to the deep cleansing effect, the scalp can also breathe better again and the hair root is well supplied with blood. So you promote your healthy hair growth.

How do I apply a hair treatment correctly?
Doing a hair treatment yourself is not only inexpensive, but also optimal to give your hair what it really needs.

So that the hair care can work, you use it regularly. So 1-2 times per week.

Before the application of the cure the hair should be either damp or towel dry. You have to massage the care into the scalp as well as into the lengths.

Depending on the recipe, the mixture should last between 10 and 30 minutes. Then rinse with plenty of warm water.

If you want to do a hair treatment yourself, you should apply it immediately. Otherwise the fresh ingredients can spoil quickly.

If there are leftovers, you should use them up as quickly as possible and keep them in the refrigerator.

Our conclusion
Doing a hair treatment yourself is simple and inexpensive. Who wants to buy expensive hair care products when most of the ingredients for a hair mask can be found in the kitchen anyway? For little money you can get an optimal care for your hair in a natural way. Have fun trying it out and taking care of it!