Water with lemon to lose weight

Water with lemon is a great help to lose weight because it detoxifies the body, decreases fluid retention and increases the feeling of fullness. In addition to this, it helps to clean the palate by decreasing the desire to eat sweet foods that favor weight gain by damaging the diet.

Benefits of fasting lemon water

In addition to helping you lose weight, the benefits of fasting lemon are:

Strengthen the immune system and protect the body against flu and colds, or any respiratory illness in general;
Help eliminate toxins from the body;
Avoid diseases such as cancer and early aging;
Reduce acidity and improve metabolism, since it has an alkalizing effect;
Promote healing processes;
Stimulant stomach, excellent for treating digestive problems such as nausea, vomiting and inflammation of the gastrointestinal mucosa.

All lemon varieties contain these benefits, and can also be used to dress salads, meats and fish, which helps increase the consumption of this fruit.

A New 7-Days Lemon Diet Will Detox and Burn Fat
A New 7-Days Lemon Diet Will Detox and Burn Fat



Its main ingredient is lemon, a super fruit that is strong enough to remove toxins from the digestive tract. Many people are happy with the benefits and many of them take them as a daily routine. The drink is better consumed in the morning.
You can try to follow this simple lemon diet for 7 days and in a short period of time it will become a routine.

Day 1 – fill a glass with warm water and make it drinkable. Place some pieces of lemon inside and leave on for a couple of minutes. When you finish your morning routines you can drink the prepared drink. Do the same in the afternoon half an hour before your lunch.

Day 2 – consume 1 glass of lemon juice in the morning and afternoon, and during the day, try to drink 2-3 liters of mineral water. You can add some fruit for better flavor and more nutrients.

Day 3 – Repeat the procedure with lemon water on an empty stomach in the morning and drink warm lemon water during lunch. Drink mineral water with lemon throughout the day.

4th and 5th day – follow the procedure from the third day.

Day 6 – do the same things as day 3, but now limit the intake of lemon juice to 2 glasses a day. The best option would be during the morning and before dinner.

Day 7 – Consume lemon water in the morning on an empty stomach.

It should become a habit, so you will consume lemon water every morning and drink 2-3 liters of water to keep your body hydrated. This 7-day diet will help you detoxify your body and burn body fat. You should consume healthy foods as much as possible.

A New 7-Days Lemon Diet Will Detox and Burn Fat
A New 7-Days Lemon Diet Will Detox and Burn Fat