A very inspiring woman, a business idea, a lot to see, finally help against PMS, a discount for pretty flowers and a lot to laugh about.

1.) Verena Pausder – a woman who inspired me very much. (Advertising)

Can we have everything as mothers and professionals? This was my first question to Verena Pausder when I met her in Berlin for an interview and video shoot for the initiative She’s Mercedes. Verena Pausder is 39, has three biological children and a bonus child, employs two nannies and a personal trainer, is fully employed and sold one of her companies for several millions.

It is quite simple to put the woman, whose hobbyhorse is digital education for children, in a drawer. It’s nice to be far away from the feelings she triggers in you. Or, and I think this is much smarter and have tried it myself, you can simply ask yourself: What thoughts does this woman touch in me? Would I perhaps also like to be fitter again, because that way you’d get a better idea of everyday madness? Would I like to better take care of my children instead of having to beg grandma, grandpa and babysitter? Would I like to do more professionally and if so, how does that work?

Verena Pausder’s life may seem very rosy and carefree now, but it wasn’t a few years ago. Then her first husband left her very surprisingly on a Friday. Just like that. Suddenly she was all alone with her two small children and a leadership job in another city. She also talked to me about that. How to get back on your feet after such an experience and why it is good to allow real emotions in front of employees and bosses.

Verena Pausder has inspired me in a lasting way. The whole story is available this Wednesday in She’s Mercedes Newsletter. Here you can already see the teaser video and I would be very happy if you would read my text about her. All you have to do is sign up for the She’s Mercedes newsletter here. Then you’ll get this story, and many other exciting stories about strong women, delivered directly to your email box.

2.) There’s finally something to see again.

My favourite American TV series are back. Grey’s Anatomy, This is us – you name it, I watch it. Ha!

Further we finally saw Weissensee (Netflix), much too late but at least. About the last years of the GDR. Sensational script, sensational actors – you have to see.

Probably the best movie about mummy being is Tully. It’s finally available at Itunes. I’ll watch it again, although I’ve even seen it in the cinema. It’s just so good. So good.

I flooded the sofa with tears watching the movie The Etruscan Smile (Itunes). It’s about a father-son relationship, unnecessary arguments, thick skulls, love, oh, life and why it’s unfair sometimes.

A new season’s Chef’s Table is back. Something is different. Somehow it doesn’t touch me like usual. My husband says they are like always. I think something emotional is missing. I keep looking anyway.

3.) No more PMS drama.

I have regular PMS. Columnist and girlfriend Lynn Hoefer also knows this and brought me the Confusion Infusion Tea Kräutertee from femna from her book tour in Berlin. Last week I was sitting in the office and my feelings were on a roller coaster. I quickly realized that it had to be PMS and tried the tea. And no kidding, I don’t get paid for it or get a kilo of free herbal tea, but my mood normalized after two cups. Seriously! The feelings calmed down, it was even a really creative day in the office. Meanwhile I heard from several women that they also swear by tea. So, if you also suffer from PMS – try it out, maybe it will help you too!

Lynn tested the Sex Machine tea, by the way. When I asked her: “Can he what?” she laughed loudly and nodded with a big grin.

4.) A business idea.

Speaking of PMS and periods. In America there are menstrual coaches. Ever heard of them? They can give you tips on how to get through time better. What a great idea! Women, who like me have to do with it every month, would be super thankful for such services. Here you can find 5 tips from such a coach. And who knows, maybe this is an additional field for one or the other gynaecologist or midwife out there?

5.) A nice flower subscription with discount for you. (Advertising)

British fans watch out: Do you already know the flower mail-order company Bloom & Wild? They have British roots, are very popular there and are now also available in Germany. Her bouquets follow the British style – natural, wild, but also colourful, like the famous English gardens. You can order the bouquets individually or as a subscription, even with a matching vase, free of shipping costs to the next day. They are delivered bound by hand in a creative box, which also suggests design tips, for all those who want to rearrange the flowers.

You can now test the Bloom & Wild bouquets with the codeword OHHH with 20% discount.

For our floor winner’s day at our office I had chosen the bouquets Harper, Ciara and Jasmine for the decoration of my office and as a gift to the winners. I haven’t even discovered the Meghan bouquet yet. That would be it!

6.) An Instagram account for a good mood & with a sustainable idea.

Dominique has two daughters and very funny picture ideas. The shows them in their Instagram account allthatisshe. Recently she had an idea how to motivate others to collect more garbage – by making small figures out of them and pointing them to Instagram. #projectlittercritter is what she calls her action. Maybe you’d like to join in.

7.) The quintessence of life.

Exactly so. #lifegoals

8.) Waiting for kale.

Since I am a great late bloomer in terms of healthy nutrition, I have not over-eaten kale like the others. On the contrary! For three weeks I’ve been waiting eagerly for him to finally come to the shops. I know, only after the first frost. Such a frustration. The reason for my impatience is not only the tasty kale chips (made with olive oil and sea salt in the oven), but above all my favourite recipe of Green Kitchen Stories with pumpkin, feta, buckwheat, pomegranate and kale on top. Maybe you remember the recipe because I cooked it all the time last fall. I can’t wait to do it again! I’m about to call Elsa to see if she can freeze it for a moment in Hamburg.


My girlfriend Marlene Sörensen had the two funny The High Low-Ladies already in her podcast list

10.) A quickie in Berlin.

While you’re reading this list, I’m jetting to and through Berlin. Meeting another inspiring woman. I’ve been working with her here for a long time, every now and then. I know that you also like her very much, but still know little about her. I will try to change that today. And somehow to get a fresh Cold Pressed Juice with ginger in Berlin (we have nothing in Hamburg). To shoot kitaviruses all the way out. Or just to give a delicious Mhhh from me.

Make it pretty! I’m looking forward to your comments, what makes you happy right now, even in Berlin!