The housing trends in recent years have remained very stable and only the colors change from year to year. The latest trend of living can be laminated so well with decorative materials such as curtains or bedspreads. Very popular are still the minimalist style and the country house style. While the minimalist style is more in black or white and very simple and elegant, the rustic style with its warm colors creates a cozy home. But the Mediterranean style of living is also becoming increasingly popular, as it brings a piece of holiday into its own four walls.

the magic and coziness of a Mediterranean-style interior design


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Get the holidays home with these tricks

If you want to have a holiday at home, there are many ways to design your own four walls in a Mediterranean style. Above all, Mediterranean living means comfort. Warm colors are simply part of it. Also colorful fabrics are an important detail.

Tip 1: The Furniture

Mediterranean-style furniture can be very versatile. Wood is definitely one of them, also whitened or in darker variants. Whether this is finally chosen to be light or dark is up to you. Especially cabinets that offer a large area and therefore determine a room very much, should always be selected appropriately: Whether whitened variants that seem a bit more modern, the rustic country house style or pine and unprocessed pine trees that take up the Mediterranean style particularly beautiful, are suitable to give his bedroom a nice flair. A good overview can first be obtained from specialized online providers .

Mediterranean living: bringing a piece of holiday into your own four walls with matching accessories and furniture


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Dark furniture is typically Mediterranean and can be beautifully staged with colorful fabrics in warm colors and decorative materials. The Mediterranean style also includes the color blue – who prefers this, should stick to white furniture. These in combination with blue decoration look particularly elegant and Mediterranean.

Tip 2: The Curtains

Curtains in this form, as we know them, do not exist in the southern countries. These can only be found in hotels. In our latitudes, you would not want to do without curtains, which is why you should choose colorful colors to preserve the Mediterranean style. Yellow, orange, terracotta or even blue are the perfect tones to bring color into play.

Tip 3: Shadow dispenser at the window

If you want to do it quite typically Mediterranean, you can not do without bamboo blinds on the windows. These not only look beautiful, but also let the hot sunshine outside. They can be used on all windows and, even for skylights, beautiful bamboo blinds are commercially available.

adding a touch of the south to the room through bright color accents in combination with bamboo blinds and wooden pieces of furniture


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Tip 4: Crockery

The Mediterranean dishes are practical but simple. Nevertheless, it is worthwhile to take a closer look at the casserole dishes or small bowls. While the coated shapes in our latitudes cost a small fortune because they are easy to clean, there are the simple brown and typical southern clay shapes for little money. The advantage of these bowls is that they are very easy to clean, even when baked with cheese. In our latitudes one can only dream of these prices.

Tip 5: Paella pan

A paella pan is always included in Spain, as this traditional dish can not be missed on any holiday. The paella can be prepared in many ways and the imagination knows no bounds. If you do not need the pan at the moment, you can hang it up as a wall decoration in the kitchen to create a suitable ambience.

Mediterranean living and eating: bringing southern flair to the kitchen with matching dishes in matching dishes


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Tip 6: Wall Tiles

Wall tiles are an important part of the Mediterranean style. These can be mounted inside and outside and are suitable in almost every room. You do not have to til the entire wall, just a small part to create an eye-catcher. The reading or dining area with wall tiles in the Moorish style are a guarantee for wanderlust and evoke memories of the last holiday.

Tip 7: Decorative Materials

Decoration materials are particularly important in the Mediterranean style. Here are beautiful pictures with shells as well as iron shelves or flower pots that are attached to the walls. In addition, tablecloths or runners should be tailored to the curtains and colors in the room.

typical mosaic and patterned tiles are an integral part of the Mediterranean style


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Tip 8: Plants

Plants are clearly the most important thing and must not be missing inside or outside. For example, herbs of all kinds are suitable for the kitchen to always have fresh ingredients at hand. For the living room and the bedroom, lavender or basil are perfect. This is because in the southern countries put to the windows to keep mosquitos away. The living room should not be missing an olive tree. This can probably be placed outside on the terrace or balcony in the summer, but must hibernate indoors.

Tip 9: Garden

The garden and the front garden must of course be equipped with all kinds of Mediterranean. Here are oleander, lavender and citrus trees are excellent. Of course, should not be missing clay vases or bowls as a decoration. In the southern countries, it is also common to attach beautiful flower pots on the wall of the house to enhance and create an eye-catcher. If you do not have a garden, you can also decorate the balcony and decorate.

Mediterranean-style living and garden: Natural stone walls, clay vases and certain plant varieties are also included in the southern countries


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Tip 10: Natural stone walls for indoors and outdoors

Natural stone walls are also included in the southern countries. Of course, real stones are perfect for outdoors, with which then a small well-being corner can be set up. For the interiors, on the other hand, there are 3D wallpapers that look almost real. These can be perfectly mounted on a wall to conjure up a little holiday in your own four walls.

The Mediterranean style is not a special style in itself, but a way of life. It is allowed, what pleases and what is important, above all, is that you feel comfortable. Nothing else matters. Modern furniture is allowed in this style as well as antiques. For it is precisely with fabrics and decorative materials that almost any interior can be transformed into a Mediterranean lifestyle.

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