In five days is holy evening, so high time to think about the table decoration. I think there’s nothing like a beautifully decorated Christmas table. That on Christmas Eve the cloth napkins hidden in the closet on the table, is already clear. But what about the decoration? Do you have something planned? Here are my 8 tips for the perfect Christmas table. As always nice but with a huge WOW factor. Christmas can come!

. 1 Less is more

It does not always have glitter and shine. Beautifully arranged pine branches, combined with candlesticks are quite enough to festively decorate the table.

. 2 Candles always go

Christmas without candles is like gifts without a bow. Unfortunately, pretty candleholders are often in short supply. Since this great DIY quickly remedy. Simply put beautiful twigs and leaves in different sized bottles, fill with water and put the candles on.

. 3 Name cards have to come from

Everyone likes it when his name is on a pretty card. Simply cut cards to the desired size, write a name on it and put a rosemary sprig through a small hole in the paper. Looks great and smells wonderful.

. 4 Napkins classy

No napkin rings at hand? Never mind. Just tie a leather strap around the napkins. Simple, practical and super chic.

. 5 Fairy lights on the table


Fairy lights are always on and the fine Fairy Lights are great on the table. Conveniently, there are also with battery connection. Thus, the cable salad danger is banned!

. 6 An Affectionate Gift

Small pendants are always good for napkins or just as decoration on the plate. Simply whiten white clay, scrape or unplug patterns and shapes and let dry well. The fact that the guests are allowed to take the beautiful pieces home is well understood.

. 7 A tree for every guest

These little trees are just great and made super fast. Cut fir branches and fix with hot glue on a small piece of wood. Done is the mini Christmas tree.

. 8 A sky of stars


If you like something more exuberant, you can practice folding. Paper stars over the table make a great trap. Simply attach the finished stars with nylon thread from the ceiling over the table. A guide to folding can be found here.

Now I wish you happy holidays and lots of fun decorating.