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9 Kid Room Decorations that are Full of Charm



Only with beautiful accessories is a nursery cozy and secure. We offer you a large selection of unusual and special things that also enchant your children’s room: e.g. chic lamps, cotton balls fairy lights and cute night lights for the perfect lighting. Cuddly, child-friendly and partially washable carpets (for example by Lorena Canals, Livone or Nattiot) are as much a part of this as the practical storage space in the form of baskets, boxes, chests or cloth bags. In addition, we have put together theme design beautiful products that make it easier to design according to the motto: each nursery can be quickly and easily transformed into a princess castle or an Indian (play) space. You prefer to orientate yourself according to colors? Under color design you will find furniture, decoration and textiles / carpets in your favorite colors.

Different and creative decoration ideas have such advantages. If you want to study these decoration ideas, read our article further. This article contains detailed information about this topic.

1. Spring Flowers for Your Bundle of Joy

Spring Flowers for Your Bundle of Joy

Setting up a nursery is very important for children and teens and their carefree development. The nursery is often a motley miniature version of the apartment – a small kingdom full of fantasy. But it is much more important to give the little ones and adolescents a space in which they can let off steam, develop their creativity and rest. In the children’s life is played, learned and tinkered, cooked in the children’s kitchen, held coffee in the Chat corner – and it is cuddled and slept. All of these examples are important for balanced development and should be taken into account when setting up the nursery.

2. Chart a Child’s Height in Style

Chart a Child's Height in Style

Where a baby can not express any wishes regarding the furnishings, kids already have a distinct personality from the age of age who they want to live out. In line with a needs-based and child-friendly design is the taking up of nursery ideas that come from the children themselves, a good starting point.
The needs of adolescent children are changing faster than adults. That’s why they need two things above all else: plenty of space and a room that can be changed in a simple and age-appropriate way. Because the claim to a youth room is different, as a room for little boys and girls, what you should always plan with the children’s room setup.

3. A Pink Flamingo’s Delight

A Pink Flamingo's Delight

The clichés are ineradicable when it comes to the opinion of nurseries for boys and nursery for girls. It is completely forgotten that every child rightly has its own personality and individual preferences.
Not every girl wants to have a pink princess room and not every boy likes toy cars or light blue sheets. Rather, you should tailor the selection of nursery decoration to your child’s preferences as soon as it can express it. In addition, parents can be mindful of observing which colors, themes and areas of interest resonate with their child’s life and which do not. Attention to this promotes talents and childlike abilities and not least benefits the satisfied well-being of the offspring. No matter if you are a boy or a girl: The nursery is the personal developmental area of ​​the little ones, in which a lot of time is spent.


4. Bows, Bows, and More Bows

Bows, Bows, and More Bows

5. Keep Your Hairbows in Order

Keep Your Hairbows in Order

6. Make Diaper Changing a Stylish Affair

Make Diaper Changing a Stylish Affair

When it comes to children’s room designs, the furniture is allowed to be timeless and restrained. Made of light wood or white, they are unobtrusive and make all the color and thematic changes easily. For this purpose, if desired, also colorful wall paints can be combined, which seem less restrained by bright furniture and let the nursery ambience appear friendly.


7. Handmade and Nature-Made Functional Nursery Arrangement

Handmade and Nature-Made Functional Nursery Arrangement

Nothing can make your nursery as comfortable as the right light!  These sconces have pretty fabric-covered lampshades and a nostalgic wall mount that can later be used in any other romantically decorated room.

8. The Pirate’s Treasure is This Way

The Pirate's Treasure is This Way

When redesigning or remodeling, you should use meaningful nursery decoration and prioritize the upcoming interests of your child.
When setting up the nursery wallpapers are a good starting point for a decorative wall design. There are beautiful children’s wallpaper, magnetic wallpaper or wallpaper on which the little ones can let off steam. This is how children can actively shape their room.
Nursery pictures are among the popular decoration ideas. His own small works of art, which are framed and proudly hung, are especially welcome. Cosiness brings textiles to the nursery, such as a fluffy carpet or colorful curtains. A children’s tent or a cozy corner with many pillows creates a cozy retreat and invites you to exciting reading lessons, chilling out or dreaming.

9. A Cozy Nest for Nightly Adventures

A Cozy Nest for Nightly Adventures

Ideal are expandable system furniture, which can be changed or supplemented as needed. Growing furniture, such as adjustable cots or height-adjustable desks are also very good solutions and spare the wallet.
The advantage of specially designated children’s furniture is often that they have no sharp edges and present with child-friendly handle heights. There is nothing wrong with saying that occasionally old adult furniture can be used on children’s room designs, especially if they are beautiful pieces. With a new painting by DIY you can create unusual pieces of furniture that make children’s eyes shine. However, the suitability for use in the nursery should always be critically examined.