Mooris has made a fine collection of selected products from its large range of furniture and home accessories – long-standing favorite products, bestsellers and timeless core pieces with proven quality and longevity.

The pieces of this selection should be able to stand at home in a maximum of four weeks. Ready to move in and ready to move in with a good base of furniture and home accessories.

Of course the self-test with the favorite products should not be missing …

The Basic range includes all living areas and is constantly expanding. So that you can get a first impression, we have arranged the assortment by room, put together suitable furniture and set the scene for inspiration in the Mooris apartment and showrooms.


An absolute Mooris favorite is the sofa ‘Playground’ by Eilersen, which invites you to play not only in the living room, but also as a bed in the guest room. The ‘Butterfly Chair’ and the ‘FEZ lamp’ by Baltensweiler are timeless designs that should not be missing as basics.


Mooris works on the ‘Eiermann tables’ of Richard Lampert and sits on the ‘Marchand armchairs’ of Embru, we put the mooring shelf ‘pool’ of Mox and the office is ready.


In the home office fits the practical ‘Atelier table’ and ‘Atelier chair’ by Embru and the ‘Lampe Gras table lamp N ° 205’.


Mooris sleeps in the ‘dormouse’ and has the ‘Georg’ mirror next to it. The practical and modular ‘FNP shelf’ stows everything you need.

So these are the first impressions of the Mooris Basic range: Simple, simple P roducts that will delight and convince with their quality, so that they remain your companion for a long time …

Click here to go to the Mooris Basic Shop – have fun with reins and set up.

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