I remember well the prevailing wall decoration of my childhood. Cheesy posters of stars, horses or sunsets set the absolute standard. The ultimate poster-style highlight: the lonely, bent palm tree on the white sandy beach in front of a turquoise sea and a tempting sun. Hach, palm-fringed beaches were at that time a barely achievable luxury. That’s probably the reason why this motive was the only one available as a photo wallpaper. Before we could experience the revolution in internet shopping and the incredible expansion of all product ranges, this one motif shaped the entire market of photo wallpaper: kitsch, exoticism, romanticized loneliness. Can you hang out with a wink in the party room but in the living room? Never ever.


Good, these times are long gone! Today, there are not only new wallpaper types, which make wallpapering much easier, but also super cool shops that produce custom photo wallpaper with texture just the way you want – lonely island, welcome modern times! One of the many, many online shops stands out for me from the variety of wallpaper providers. Why, you ask yourself?
Do you know a shop that makes you photo wallpapers with texture in individual size, different structure and even selected material at reasonable prices? Or where you can print your own pictures in any size as a photo wallpaper? Well, I do. And you too! But only if you take a look in the online shop of myloview and let yourself be blown away by the offer of individual photo wallpapers.

"I spent days in the online shop until I finally decided to go for a black and white photo wallpaper in grunge style. The product range is simply huge and I liked sooo many of the wallpapers offered.

Do not sweat – paper wallpaper itself is child’s play

I do not only remember that lonely palm, but unfortunately I still painfully try to put one of these oldscool photo wallpapers consisting of several paper webs on the wall. Herje. I’ve been mailing through and through: blisters, kinks, warped webs. Photo wallpapers in the “good” old days were just bigger posters and therefore difficult to put on the wall with glue.

Roll paste, wallpapering brush, Anlegschiene, craft knife, bucket, wallpaper black and white

Today, good photo wallpapers with textures are not just thin paper but plastic with a sturdy paper or non-woven backing. They are thicker than pure paper wallpapers, cover small defects and can be papered much easier.
The wallpaper paste is applied directly to the wall, the wallpaper glued on. Due to the more stable material, the wallpaper does not deform, does not break, hardly kinks. And again, an asterisk for myloview: depending on your wishes, you can have the photo wallpaper made without the plastic coating (wall can breathe better), with the plastic coating, a textured surface or even as a self-adhesive wallpaper.

Stirring the wallpaper paste

Before – After – Wow!

Sun Now you can take a look in my hall before the make-over. Only then does this wonderful wow effect arise and you guessed what a simple black and white photo wallpaper in a hallway can do!
Oh yeah, I just skimmed over the existing Raufaser wallpaper. The tip I got in an Ikea group on Facebook. Because the beautiful new photo wallpapers are not only easier to paper, they cover slight bumps and the plastic wallpaper can also be removed easily – at least so the statement.
If the wallpaper at the end can really pull me off again and hand over the apartment with the underlying woodchip to a new tenant – I’ll probably be allowed to test it when moving out. )

The corridor before the transformation

Wallpaper yourself: step by step to the chic hallway

  1. Remove the fuse and unscrew the sockets. Remove the skirting board or, if that is not possible, at least loosen it.

. 2 Apply wallpaper paste – actually wipe from left to right. Not like me here * cough * from top to bottom.

. 3 Apply the cut wallpaper with a wallpaper brush from the inside out. The wallpaper on the edges 2 cm survive. This is later cut to size on the wall

. 4 Press edges well. Edit the transitions between wallpaper webs with a seam roller. In the corners, the Anlegschiene has served me well. So I could press the corners properly and then cut off with the cutter blades protruding parts.

. 4 Reinstall baseboards and socket after drying – done!

Custom vinyl wallpaper – the comeback of the photo wallpaper!

I’m so happy with the new hallway. The wallpapering of such a small area was super easy and looks great. The black and white wallpaper in grunge style is a real boost for our apartment. I’m so in love that I catch myself jumping over to myloview writing this article and looking for a wallpaper for our wardrobe, maybe this time with flamingos? I saw something pretty stylish. )

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