As an enthusiastic hobbyist, recycler and reuser I save pretty much everything.
It makes me so happy when I see the recipient’s reaction to something I have created.

The Spiny Seahorse! I have to tell you that these designs are made by using a cutout and flash light. I hand draw each shape, cut it out and use the flash light to shine the shape onto the board. SO, when you see something a crafter / artist / designer creates I hope you take the time to actually appreciate the love put into each piece. Because I DO love each piece I create.

Pallet Art is my therapy.

My adventures began when I stayed at home. Mother who wanted to contribute to the financing of the family.

This is my beloved home…

I think that summarizes my adventures a bit. Recycled pallets, stone collections, flower pots, liquor bottles and the love of the sea! I try to see the beauty in everything.

You will often hear me say “Use everyday items to create something amazing”. I mean it, from the bottom of my heart! I invite you to email me anytime with your story, ideas and suggestions at…

The idea is that you have 10 stones in a bag. You pour them out and come up with a story using the image on each stone. Please do yourself a favor and record your kiddos coming up with some of the stories when they get used to the idea. I like to do this right after lunch and a hard day playing. Add an afternoon bath and story time then they will slumber for a good while so you can get in some quality “Me” time. I share the video with my hubby after the kiddos go to bed that night and we laugh forever! They come up with the funniest stories!





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