Wall decoration is certainly a particularly important part of any home decor. Although it comes at the very end, it adds a lot to an inviting ambience. In addition to the choice of suitable residential objects and the design of the walls and floors gives the room depth effect and personal touch. To decorate the walls are a variety of items, artworks, materials and all sorts of homemade creations that match the chosen style and complement it. In today’s paper, we look at the attractive possibility for an invigorating DIY wall decoration of plants and picture frames.

Liven up boring white walls with plants


Individually or grouped, real plants and flowers are the classic way to create fresh and attractive room decoration. Depending on the type of plants, flower pots and of course their arrangement in the room, every interior can be upgraded and a natural flair can be created. But flowers and plants can not only be arranged in flower pots and vases on the floor or table, but can also stylishly decorate the walls in the role of creative murals and floristic picture frames.


Real plants and flowers in combination with matching picture frames create an attractive DIY wall decoration


You should not be an artist to design a floral decoration in a picture frame as an original DIY wall decoration. Here only fantasy is asked. The combination of real plants and fresh flowers with a matching picture frame is often seen as a charming wedding decoration, but can also be used as a creative alternative to the usual houseplant decoration.

Effectively decorating walls with pressed flowers and plants


Alternative 1: Pressed Flowers

Flowers and plants that have been sufficiently pressed and dried with a flower press or between book pages are ideal for crafting various pieces of jewelery as well as an attractive wall decoration in which the pressed flowers are arranged in a frame between two glass panes. It is particularly important to maintain the contrasting color of the pressed flowers, which is possible with certain types of flowers, even if they have been dried properly. Here is a list of suitable flowers for the herbarium:

  • Abyssinian gladiolus, borage, dahlia, winged tobacco, garden field knight spur, garden hibiscus California poppy, whorled ladybug, lark spur, jewelery baskets, pansies, verbena and zinnias


An attractive and living DIY wall decoration with Tillandsien


Alternative 2: Murals with aerial plants

Tillandsiae, still known as aerial plants, need no soil to thrive and are eminently suitable for a living greening of the office or house wall . These sturdy and easy-care plants are perfect for a lively and naturally green DIY wall decoration. The question is, how do Tillandsien get on the wall?

Get yourself nails, screws, fishing line, hard wax oil, picture frame and hammer. You can coat the picture frame with hard wax oil to prepare it for spraying the plants with water. Next, place nails 5cm apart on the back of the frame, but do not hammer in completely. Now open the support net for Tillandsien. Tie the fishing line with a knot on one of the nails in the corner, knot on the opposite side and repeat until the fishing line is stretched over the entire edges. Then hammer in the nails completely. Finally, hang the finished frame on the wall, clamp Tillandsien between the fishing lines and spray everything with water for two to three days.

green succulent wall paintings are ideal for an original indoor and outdoor decoration


Alternative 3: Mural of succulents

Succulents prove to be very suitable for planting in a home-made or ready-bought picture frame. In order to create such a living wall painting yourself, you first need a suitable frame, which you may also find in the basement. Then you still need:

  • wire mesh
  • 4 squared timbers
  • 1 wooden plate
  • Nails and Hammer
  • Earth and Moss
  • Succulents and other plants of your choice

Decorating Walls with a DIY Succulent Mural


Secure wire mesh to the wooden frame with nails or a stapler. Squared timbers, previously cut in the length of the picture frame, hammer at the frame back. Now put moss on the wire mesh and spread the soil on it. Then close the back by pinning the wooden plate. Plant succulents in combination with other plants through the wire mesh into the soil. Your DIY wall decoration is ready but can not be hung because the young plants need about 10 days to get stuck in the ground. Keep the frame flat in a bright location and water plants regularly. Only after one month is the flower decoration ready for hanging. For watering, you should always place the painting on a smooth surface.

DIY wall decoration with plants and picture frames in a rustic style


Alternative 4: Staging Flowers and Plants with Picture Frames

Another inspiring solution for an attractive and living wall decoration with verdure and potted flowers is simply to put it in the limelight with an old or colored frame. You first hang the container for the plant on the wall and then you attach the selected picture frame.

Giving life to garden walls with paint and potted flowers


Alternative 5: decorate picture frames with plants

Finally, there is an interesting version of the attractive wall decoration with picture frames and plants, in which the frame itself is accentuated. For the target, cut flowers or green branches with flower wire are attached along the frame sides.


beautiful DIY wall decor with floral picture frame


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