12 Tips on How to Avoid These Common Setup Errors

Your home is actually pretty chic and you basically feel pretty at home, but something just does not look quite right? The rooms look much smaller than they actually are? Or the look is not quite what you wanted it to be? Maybe just a few simple tricks to help your home to a coherent whole. Because how do you place your furniture and how do you furnish your apartment, plays a bigger role than you think.

In this blog post I’ll tell you the biggest setup flaws and how to get around them in a snap. Because a smart interior is the alpha and omega – no matter how small or winding your apartment is!

. 1 The furniture is too close to the wall

If you push your sofa or armchair too close to the wall, you automatically create a vacuum in the middle of the room. Not only is not that ugly, it will also make you feel smaller when you push your furniture against the wall.

A few centimeters are already enough and the room immediately looks bigger. However, if you want to place a sofa in front of the window and even in front of a radiator, then it should still be a few inches more. 

Tip: Create a cozy sitting area in the middle of the room with sofa, armchair and table. Is your home too small for that or do you prefer to put the furniture on the wall anyway? Pull the furniture away from the wall. This creates air and the room immediately feels bigger.

. 2 The carpet is too small

Almost as bad as no carpet is too small a carpet! If the floor area is too large, a carpet that is too small looks strange and makes the furniture look lost quickly.

Here the front feet of the couch were placed on the carpet. This rug is so generously chosen that in addition to the side tables there are even two massive armchairs. Picture: Entrance Makleri

Tip: Do not stingy and quietly resort to a larger carpet, because a properly selected carpet contributes much to a beautiful room and a comfortable home-feeling.

. 3 No freedom to breathe

Especially with smaller rooms, one general motto is: less is more. Although little surprised, is in practice often not so easy to implement, because small items pile up faster than you would like. And decorative vases, sculptures and all sorts of other room decorations in all honor, if you adjust every free area with decorative trinkets – no matter how beautiful it may be – even a large room can feel small and chaotic.

A frame may also be used purely for decorative purposes and does not have to be filled with anything that otherwise would not fit into it. Clear the stage for your decoration items! Picture : Stylizimo

Tip: Choose a deliberately limited area where you can arrange small items such as picture frames, candles, vases, and trinkets. Are you struggling to restrict yourself? Then put on a shelf, which is intended only for decorative purposes. Often you just can not get around the mucking around. So make room generously and also separate yourself from one or the other object.

4. The curtains are too short

Whether consciously or unconsciously – you’ve probably seen it hundreds of times before. Either the curtains are too short or the curtain rod is only a few centimeters above the window. Both are not really flattering your home! Curtains that do not reach the floor and end just below the middle of the wall make the room look lower. It is the same with too short curtains. But beware: the curtains should not be too long!

The curtains extend over the entire ceiling and flatter the room. Picture: Hos Majorskan

Tip: Attach the curtain rod high to the wall, directly under the ceiling. The curtains are ideally enough from the ceiling to the floor. This is elegant and makes the room look higher.

. 5 You match each other too much

Matchy, matchy! Not at all! Contrary to what one might think, a perfectly coordinated choice of color, pattern or material does not always contribute to a harmonious whole. On the contrary! If everything melts together, the result is usually just a boring, flat uniformity. Material blends and coordinated color shades and pattern variety make the mix and the setup really exciting. Even if a certain color concept leads to more peace in the room, we need contrasts and interesting style and material mixtures to create a harmonious whole.

Different colors in the same color scale create an interesting impression and a warm atmosphere. Image: Stadshem

Tip: If you like the color coordination, then limit yourself to just tuning the walls or find a common thread between the interior details – not both options.

. 6 You paint your walls in a dark shade

Gloomy walls are expressive and bring your images to their best advantage. In addition, dark wall paints are a strong interior trend that has been going on for some time (even though beige walls are just on the rise!). Dull, dark colors, however, tend to absorb light, causing the room to appear smaller than it actually is. There is nothing wrong with choosing dark shades if your home has a generous room height and is well lit by large window fronts. In low rooms with a few small windows, walls should not be painted in a dark shade.

Here only one wall was painted dark in order not to create a too dark atmosphere together with the black floor. Image: Our New Home

Tip: Choosing lighter shades makes the room seem bigger and more airy. If you do not want to do without dark walls, it’s best to limit yourself to a “feature wall” and just paint them dark.

. 7 The furniture is too powerful

For a good layout of the room is also the Maßhalten. Not every room can withstand powerful armchairs and filigree pieces of furniture look quickly lost in a spacious living area.

Massive furniture needs space and is especially good in spacious rooms. Image : Residence Magazine

Tip: Small rooms benefit from finer-detail pieces of furniture, whereas a large living room offers room for more powerful furniture. Again, do not fill everything and leave gaps, so that not only the eye free spaces are offered, but you can also freely move through the apartment.

. 8 You neglected the room lighting

The choice of the right light source is not negligible to create a cozy home with a cozy ambience. Many make the mistake of having only one central light source per room. Not only is this impractical, it can also cause space to be perceived as smaller than it is de facto.

Different luminaires distributed in the room, fulfill different functions and illuminate every corner. Image: Alvhem

Tip: Create islands of light by distributing several different lights in the room. Decorate with three lamps per room, in different sizes and designs. By choosing several different light sources, the light will illuminate more angles and provide atmospheric lighting. Do not you have room or enough power outlets for so many light sources? Use mirrors that can reflect the natural light in the room.

. 9 Your home is “over furnished”

As mentioned above, we need space to move and breathe freely. Just like small pieces that accumulate, too many pieces of furniture in one room can give a restrictive impression.

Sometimes less is more. Puristic decor, limited to the bare minimum. Picture: Elisabeth Heier / Only Deco Love

Tip: Dare to move the furniture around in your rooms. An armchair can just as well be in the bedroom as in the living room. Think outside the box! But be careful that furniture should never be placed directly under the window.

10th You want everything at once

It’s easy to fall into activism at your first home. At least that’s how it was for me. Once I had a concept for the apartment, everything should be fast. But to buy all at once and in the worst case in the same department store is a mistake that you will regret. A room must be able to evolve over time. It is also more sustainable and beautiful to save for certain pieces of furniture and to fulfill this heart’s desire, if you have the necessary change and it has been confirmed that the desired object even after months or even years like.

It’s all in the mix. IKEA is always launching exciting limited editions worth waiting for. Image: Behrer

Tip: If you are allowed to completely re-set up a room or an entire home, do only the bare essentials that are absolutely essential for your everyday life and hold you back with spontaneous purchases. Set up the room piece by piece and put on absolute favorite pieces that have long been your wish list.

. 11 You did not think about the ground

In order to achieve a harmonious color scheme, not only the walls and the interior have to be considered. Often the floor is simply ignored, while he plays no insignificant role for the room. The floor and ceiling contribute to a coherent overall concept and should therefore be included.

The leather and wood chair takes up the color and grain of the floor. Picture: Anna Inredare

Tip: The easiest way to integrate the floor into the interior design concept is to pick up the color of the floor and choose furniture, textiles or decoration in the same color, be it cushions, plaids or vases , If you want to go a step further, you can also paint the walls accordingly (because the wall color can be changed easier and cheaper than the floor). When it comes to choosing the right color shades, warm ones with warm tones and cold ones with cold ones should be combined.

12th The images are misplaced

Attaching pictures correctly is an art in itself. Fast they hang too high, too low or just crooked. But a painting that hangs wrong destroys the whole effect it should have. Correcting the hanging of the images is a small furnishing mission that is implemented in no time.

Regardless of how the pictures are arranged, it is important that they are at eye level and straight. Image: Stadshem

Tip: A picture should be at eye level and comfortable to watch. Another trick to finding the right height is to divide the room height into four parts and hang the pictures in the second-highest part, assuming you do not have higher-than-average ceilings. Is the picture hanging at an angle? Try stabilizing the painting with two brackets on the back of the picture frame instead of one.

These were my 12 most important tips for a nicer home. I hope you could find some smart trick for your living room or bedroom. Which important furnishing formula are you considering or which styling mistake have you already made?