This light lifestyle, this backpack of experiences and treasures from all over the world, these influences from distant lands and islands like India, Morocco, Ibiza and Mexico – all this becomes Bohemian style reflects. Anyone previously referred to as a hippie is now categorized as boho (bohemian).

‘Bohos’ are people driven by colors, those who dream of exotic lands and those who see colorful stars whirling before their eyes at the first ray of sunshine. It sounds like the author (ie me ;-)) is just drifting off into the Gypsy world.

The truth is: the Bohemian style decor is as diverse as there are socks on this earth. It is a mix of different styles, different countries and different epochs. Warm colors such as orange, yellow, blue, brown, patchwork patterns and natural materials (such as linen, ceramics, wood) are wildly united.

And is it still possible to assign this unusual arrangement to a scheme? I’m trying!

The Indian Boho-Look

As a child I was already taken with the Indians, whether in books or in the Navajo Valley (USA). Vintage leather sofas and butterfly chairs, cacti and shaggy as far as the eye can see are the hallmarks of Bohemian Style from the Wild West.

The European Boho Look

The European version is probably the most common for us. It is so diverse that even the Nordic, but also the Iberian Way-Of-Life can be found in it. Keywords like white-on-white, vintage golden fixtures (on lamps, sofas, picture or mirror frames), fur pillows and white walls with poetic sayings are standard.

The oriental boho look

Various lanterns, wicker poufs and scratchy Berber carpets, whether inside or outside in a cozy lounge corner with a 1001-night feel. The colors are strong and the purpose is: more is more.

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