Almost exactly a year ago, we bought furniture online for the first time on a grand scale. At that time, dining and living rooms received an update: new coffee table, dining table, chairs, shelf and sideboard for more than 2000 EUR.

In the last weeks we spent a lot of time again in online shops for furniture. The wish: another shelf for the living room.

And yes, it’s done! We have found a fancy new shelf and are just waiting for the delivery. You plan to buy your furniture online for the living room or the rest of the apartment? Here are my anti-bad-buying tips. What can you do to make furniture buying a success?

Pictures and Videos – The Stirrup Holder in the Decision Making

Pictures and videos are the only way to estimate if the piece of furniture really fits into your home. Are the pictures meaningful? Can you look at the piece of furniture from different angles? Is the grain of the table top displayed at a dining table? Do the colors of the product match when you look closely at the decorative objects and the environment in the picture?

In addition to the online shop, there are other sources for pictures and videos that are often not included on the website due to data protection regulations: YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc. Visit the company’s social media channels and get an impression of the products .

Living Landscapes Not Only in Retail Stores

How does a piece of furniture fit into a room concept? In the furniture store on site you will find chic living spaces and can let the furniture work on you.

In the meantime many online shops offer this! They show pictures of the furniture in its natural environment, for example in the living room, in the kitchen, in the bedroom. The piece of furniture is not free from white background, but surrounded by other furniture, decoration, textiles. Such images fulfill a number of functions: you can better appreciate the size and color of the piece of furniture and get inspiration for the combination of decoration and furniture. You can find a good example of the conversion of environmental images in Lomado.

With the function “put together yourself”, you can display modern and practical living room furniture in fully furnished rooms and put individual furniture / decorative objects directly into your shopping cart. Super!

Meanwhile, I only buy in online shops that offer such offers and visual presentation of the products.

Community help!

An equally wonderful idea is to include pictures of buyers in the online shop. Via a simple upload function some online shops collect pictures of their customers and link them in the online shop with the purchased products. Through the honest pictures you get a much better picture of the product.

In fact, only a few customers upload pictures of their furniture. In particular, shops with highly fluctuating seasonal product range can hardly score with customer images, too bad!

Future Music – Furnishings by App

The icing on the cake are shopping apps that allow you to project furniture into your living room three-dimensionally. A few years ago this feature was a real hype. The enthusiasm, however, quickly gave way to disillusionment.

Butlers has reprimanded this function, for example, for its customers. Meanwhile, however, there are tentative developments in the direction of virtuality from a different direction. For example, at the furniture fair “imm cologne” Otto announced his own augmented reality app (Kurz AR – real world extended to virtual elements). Still, this app is a mere gimmick. The items look very fake, have few textures:

Virtual coffee table in our living room – screenshot from yourhome app

Only a few pieces of furniture, mainly sofa landscapes, are available. With the ever more powerful technology, however, these hurdles will eventually be taken. Fancy a test? YourHome on the AppStore.

Do not forget – service counts!

If the decision for the new sofa, the new shelves or the coffee table has fallen, I recommend a look at the regulations for shipping and returns. These may look very different and may still surprise in 2019.

-how much are the delivery costs?
-Is the returns free of charge?
-costs are refunded upon return? (Delivery costs for furniture can be 50-150 EUR)

Service shows not only in the amount and goodwill in delivery costs and returns but also in reviews and customer reviews. Therefore I google every online shop before ordering. Find legitimate customer reviews at TrustedShop, Google Ratings or Amazon.

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