An open fireplace is one of the most common living wishes. But often a fireplace connection is not possible. We show you the best alternatives, e.g. with ethanol, water or candles. And they actually look deceptively real.

For many of us, sitting in front of an open fireplace, warming up by the crackling fireplace while it’s stormy or snowing outside is the dream of autumn and winter romance par excellence.

Unfortunately, we can often only enjoy this experience in a château in southern France or a large country house, an old hotel in Italy or Spain, where there are still large, old open fireplaces. In Germany, Switzerland and Austria only a few households still have an open fireplace. And who lives in a rented flat in the middle of the city may make mostly also no structural changes,

What are the disadvantages of an open fireplace?

But those who are not allowed to have an open fireplace can comfort themselves: there are also disadvantages!

For example, if the chimney does not work properly and the smoke gets into the room or sparks spray from the crackling fire.

In addition, a fireplace does a lot of work, because wood has to be procured and stored, and the ashes have to be disposed of. A fireplace also takes up a lot of space and always needs a smoke outlet. And an open fireplace is hardly suitable for heating and is usually not permitted in Germany.

In addition one may not use an open fire-place constantly, differently than fire-place and tiled stoves or also closed fire-place inserts. “Open fire-places may be operated only occasionally , are called it in the first federal immission protection regulation (1. BImSchV, § 4, paragraph 4). Violations can result in fines of up to 50,000 euros.

Here it gives Tipps, on which you should pay attention with a fire-place building.

Alternatives to an open fire-place

But there are some nice alternatives to at least conjure up a touch of this fireplace romance in your living room. Especially if you don’t have a chimney extractor, as in most rental apartments. Here we have compiled some possibilities:

Chimney romance with chimney console and candles

A very simple alternative is a narrow fireplace console or fireplace border, which you place on the wall, stack a few logs underneath (you can often find them in the supermarket) and simulate a small fire with a few burning pillar candles. And maybe a fireplace mirror on the console and some candles in front of it.

Real fire with an ethanol fireplace

Ethanol fireplaces do not need a chimney. Bio-ethanol is alcohol produced from plant residues and is currently the most environmentally friendly fuel. The fire of bio-ethanol burns odourless, is almost smoke-free and leaves no residue except a little water vapour.

Fire from water

Ultra-fine water mist in combination with special light sources conveys an almost authentic flame experience, with wood logs hardly to be distinguished from real fireplaces. At the same time, the fine water vapour produced improves the room climate.