If you are already dealing with the unpleasant task of getting the apartment up to par, you should at least do it right. Unfortunately, there are still many mistakes that are often made. Learn here how to avoid them and how to approach them properly instead.

5 Tips and Rules for Proper Cleaning and Cleaning Your Own Home


Error 1: wanting to do everything at once
Often we make the following weekend clean up from the ground up: The wardrobe should be cleaned out, old glass gone and the bathroom to be polished. But this can quickly end in overload, so that nothing is done in the end. But how does it work out with the mucking and tidying up better?

How to do it right:
To get started, you should start small. For example, take only a drawer with trinkets and keep only the things you use regularly. Everything else you can dispose of or give away. So you work day by day and cupboard by cupboard until you have mucked everything out – without overstraining yourself.

clean and tidy up: step out and clean up the house


Error 2: First wipe the floor
When cleaning, many consumers make the mistake of first wiping the floor. If you start sweeping crumbs off the table or wiping dust on the cabinets, you can clean the floor afterwards.

How to do it right:
When cleaning your house always work from top to bottom. So first remove shelves, lights, window sills, tables, and other small furniture such as the Magazine Collector from dust and dirt – ideally with a damp microfibre cloth. Then you vacuum upholstered furniture and the floors. Only at the very end is damp dampened.

when cleaning your home first remove dust and dirt and only then clean the floor


Error 3: ignore lime on the shower head
The shower head is an important part of the shower equipment, as it contributes significantly to the feel-good factor when showering. That is why, for example, at the Livingo shower heads are also available in many different versions with countless adjustment options that allow you to optimally tailor your showering experience to your needs. On the one hand, there are showerheads that create the feeling of a warm and gentle rain shower, and on the other hand there are models with a massage function, which loosen up tight muscles with a hard shower jet. However, if you make the mistake of simply ignoring the gradually forming lime on the shower head, you will not feel much of these effects. The shower starts to splatter, the jet gets thinner and thinner and in the worst case the shower head even gets broken.

How to do it right:
Remove lime with vinegar essence: Mix water and vinegar in a ratio of 1 to 5 and wipe the shower head regularly. Caution should be exercised only on delicate, chrome-plated surfaces. Here you prefer to resort to a gentle cleaner based on citric acid.

regular limescale removal is also part of the proper bathroom cleaning


Error 4: Buy a separate cleaner for everything
Most consumers have their own cleaners for every household problem: a hygiene cleaner, an anti-scale cleaner, special baking soda, a kitchen cleaner, a bathroom cleaner … But that’s not necessary!

How to do it right:
Normally, four household cleaners are perfect:

  1. An acid cleaner based on lemon or vinegar
  2. A scouring milk
  3. A toilet cleaner
  4. An all-purpose cleaner

If you do not want to buy finished products, you can also make Organic Detergents yourself . Avoid using unnecessary cleaning products to save money and space in the home and protect the environment.

In principle, you only need four home remedies for house cleaning


Error 5: Using Newsprint for Window Cleaning
Newsprint is the best way to polish windows – that’s what grandma preached. The windows are indeed free from streaks, but the window frames are darkened by the ink over time.

How to do it right:
The combination of rubber puller and microfibre cloth is better suited to polish the window panes streak-free.

Clean windows without streaks with a microfibre cloth and rubber puller instead of with newspaper


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