If a new heating system is needed, the gaze will probably fall on a solution with gas. The benefits are obvious, but a clear view is needed to make a really appropriate choice.

Converting to Gas – Advantages and Appropriate Choice of a Gas Heater


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Heating as a central factor in household costs and ecology

The little multiplication of energy saving is no longer completely unknown. Numerous measures have made it into everyday consciousness, starting with new LED lamps on better insulating materials to shock rather than tilting. However, there is probably the biggest effect in heating and there are clear trends in terms of the energy source. It is now clear: A modern gas heating saves energy and is therefore almost always worth their purchase price. After all, energy is always about the long term. Savings of up to 30 percent speak for themselves, and since a far too high number of heating systems in German households is considered obsolete anyway, the step towards new gas heating is currently being carried out nationwide.


Gas heating – the most widespread type of heating system in Germany


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The view on detail is in demand. Because of the demand, the heating market has grown in width, which allows a very individual selection. The decisions concern mechanical factors such as the size, which is all the more important in small apartments or the type of fixing (floor-standing or wall-mounted), plus the required heat output and the choice between the various gas types, such as natural gas, Biogas or LPG.

And not infrequently even larger purchases are considered, for example the combination of gas heating with solar thermal energy. Thanks to funding opportunities (especially through the KfW programs) even such projects are not exclusively reserved for the very big purse; a good and careful account is still necessary, as even a contemporary gas heating alone costs at least 5,000 euros.

Combining gas heating with a solar thermal system can increase the savings potential of heating costs up to 50%


Ecology: Today more than a nice side effect

That lower consumption is not only good for the wallet but also for the environment is today rated higher than it was ten or twenty years ago. The current zeitgeist has made environmental protection a moral obligation and, ideally, without the consumer having to restrict it elsewhere.

Highly efficient heating solutions are therefore in greater demand than ever before. And thanks to the value of green products, customers are more willing to pay the extra charge than they used to. The market confirms this and with regard to the planned energy transition this is a good sign.


Heating with gas is one of the efficient and environmentally friendly heating solutions


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Why not smart? Connecting heaters to the network

To some extent the icing on the cake, in addition to the improved efficiency, there is another aspect that is increasingly used as a bait. We are talking about networkable heating elements: These can be integrated into smart home circuits and controlled with the app. Depending on the heater, this equipment is already provided by the factory; the product range will go strongly in this direction in the future. On the other hand, existing hardware can be easily upgraded, for example with smart thermostats, whose installation is pleasantly simple .

Intelligent heating with smart thermostats


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Heaters with smart home capabilities combine all the aforementioned positive features. With them, the efficiency is finally optimized, as fine adjustment options are on board. Automatisms can be programmed according to your own requirements, and data analysis quickly reveals how much potential is still available. Incidentally, the temperature can be adjusted at any time, even if you are not at home.


control the heating via app: Savings potential and comfort gain through digitization of heating


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All this sounds tempting and in fact the benefits are obvious. At the same time, healthy caution is advised, as a heating cost savings according to the test is not always guaranteed. It is therefore important to confront the technological promise with reason and – as with any other product – to deal with matter. Only then will the strengths come to light and it may rightfully be spoken of as a modern eco-home, as it is the ultimate for many young city dwellers.

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