Quick times without a key in the pocket of the garbage brought out and meanwhile proposes a Windbö the front door – now good advice is expensive. In the best case, the second key was deposited with a trusted neighbor who is now helping out. In most other cases, however, an on-call service has to be provided, making its services expensive to pay.

What to do bem loss of house key?


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How to Escape the Cost Trap

Unfortunately, it is an old hat that most of the Aufsperrdienste pay for their work . They trust that the locked-out resident will have no other option to get back into his house and call the next best number they’ll find in their neighbor’s quick Internet research. You can easily save yourself this trouble by starting your search for a reputable locksmith in your home town without any trouble. Ask your friends about their experiences and browse online for providers who list their prices transparently on the website. You may not be able to remember the number in memory, but at least you can save it in your smartphone. Once you have lost your house key when you leave in the evening, but the phone is still in your pocket, you can reach the locksmith immediately.


secure the number of a reputable service on time


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Write the number on a piece of paper that you place somewhere outside the house, for example by sticking it under a flower pot or in the dustbin cover. These places are no longer suitable as a hiding place for the second key, but a telephone number helps no burglar on. Inform yourself regularly about the official price recommendations of the Bundesverband Metall. So you can better assess whether your Aufsperrdienst makes you a fair price proposal or you want to rip off.

inform yourself about the official locksmith costs & prices


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Practicing door-opening

It always looks so easy in Hollywood movies: The hero pulls a credit card through the closed door slit and the door opens like magic. In fact, it is quite possible to open the door without a key, but you should practice the handling of the plastic card or wire quietly times without distress. A hot tip: Leave the credit card in your wallet, because the action could well damage the chip. Use an old customer card or a plastic gift certificate to practice at the front door.


take over the role of the service and open the locked door without a key


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Tips for Hiding Your Secondary Key

As already mentioned, the spare key does not belong under the flower pot at the entrance or under the doormat. This is where potential burglars look first. However, if you do not have a neighbor to whom you can entrust your second key and Mutti lives too far away from your own place of residence, there are other solutions to avoid the expensive unlock service. Highly recommended is a small weatherproof wall safe, which you simply mount on the outer wall of your house. The safe is similar to a bicycle lock secured with a 4-digit code. If the vault is placed on the house wall between climbing plants or behind a large shrub, it is hardly visible. And even if a resourceful burglar should see him, he can not get at the key.

A spare key placed outside can help you in an emergency, but is considered negligence by the insurance company


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Another hiding place is apparent garbage. This may be a rusty soda can under the bush in your front yard or an artificial pine cone lying between real pine cones. Of course, this only works if a fir is actually growing in your garden. Do not be afraid of anything, hide the duplicate key in a wrong dog pile. Hardly any burglar will want to check if the pile may not be real. Note, however, that homeowner’s insurance does not cover burglary damage if it is too easy for the burglar to find the key . As a precaution, check with your insurance company before deciding on a hiding place. If in doubt, it would certainly be cheaper to get the Aufsperrdienst.


With the safekeeping of a second key, the emergency call can be avoided at the unlock service


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