In the best case we talk about indirect lighting in the wall light. Rather, light is about a soft lighting that illuminates the room on the one hand and yet envelops it in a gentle atmosphere. Light sources are therefore also used deliberately as design elements. In contrast to the direct light that hits the floor or the furniture in the room, the indirect lighting is the means to an end, as it were: illuminating the room without any dazzling effect. Create a cozy atmosphere in which everyone feels comfortable.

Indirect lighting as an essential design element and means of creating a harmonious and comfortable atmosphere in every room


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Creating indirect light sources with wall lights

You enter the living room. Soft lights create a homely ambience. Wellbeing is spreading. Thanks to indirect light sources it is now easy to create such a flair in one’s own home. Here wall lights are back in focus. They offer new aspects, not only in the light but also in the interior design. It creates spatial depth, enhances the potential of a space or compensates for weaknesses.


lend the living area a homely ambience through soft wall lighting


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The market offers countless luminaires for indirect lighting design. They are characterized by a modern design, which cooperates wonderfully with the respective living style. Where previously ceiling lights often blinded the eyes from a certain angle, the wall light complements the desired light without this undesirable effect.

Create an attractive accent wall thanks to modern wall sconces


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How does this harmonious ambience of indirect light sources suddenly arise?

Already mentioned is the dazzling effect of the light source itself. The color temperature also plays a role. Cold or warm white – the difference is quickly visible when the lamps are replaced. In areas such as the living room, the bedroom or the corridor warm white light sources are particularly beneficial. The light, instead of lighting directly on the floor or ceiling, is deflected and scattered in all directions in the room. In conjunction with warm white LED wall lights this wonderful effect is created, because light and furnishings are now visually combined. These design options are available in almost every living area.


warm white light sources provide a soothing wall lighting in the bedroom and living area


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When It Comes to Lighting Design: A View into Other Living Areas

Wall lights can be combined with a screen. Here modern LED strips like to be used. Economical in terms of power consumption, they illuminate entire areas. Anteriorly inconspicuous niches suddenly appear in a completely different light. The stairs to the higher floor are also alive and bathed in a harmonious light. Especially here LED wall lights are used, which significantly improve the living environment with a motion detector.

with matching wall lights, the required lighting in the stairwell can be subtly and elegantly created

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When it comes to cozy hours, then the bathroom should not be excluded from a new lighting design. When the comfort shower and bath with whirlpool function start the wellness day, you should also switch from the cool lighting to the cozy light. Wall lights for wet rooms in combination with warm white LED bulbs create a new atmosphere here as well.


correctly used wall lighting also serves the modern interior design and relaxation lighting of the wet rooms


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