The curtain has a long tradition as a central element of window design in Germany. Time and again she is reinvented by her design. Today, there is no longer just the classic white store, but numerous lavishly printed curtains that evolve into a focal point of a room with photo motifs. Appealing curtains are usually tied to a balancing act of design and functionality.

Curtains and curtains as a central element of interior design

Between Functionality and Distinctive Design

There are various curtains that can be used for window design . But they all have one thing in common: they are subject to trends and they change over time. This is how new colors and shapes are in focus, and not infrequently with the trend, the fastening possibilities of the curtains change. Despite all new trends, the functional tasks should not be forgotten.

Together, curtains and curtains provide light and noise protection. In addition, they preserve their own privacy and protect their own four walls from the outside. Curtains are often draped in multiple layers on the window, with the stores immediately behind the window glass complemented by a stylish decorative scarf.


Curtains & Curtains – a popular combination for stylish window decoration and room design with matching light and noise protection


Individuality is one of the largest furnishing trends

Interior trends are usually characterized by colors, materials and pattern concepts. However, one of the big trends of the past few years shows that it can also be different. Individual furnishing ideas today characterize the furnishing market like almost nothing. More and more households are deliberately deciding against off-the-peg designs and instead choose products that can be customized.

Own photos, designs and ideas breathe life into a room. They make him seem more diverse, colorful and varied, but at the same time make him a reflection of his own life. However, many companies have responded to the growing trend of customization and have developed very special business ideas from the resulting desires. For example, there have recently been sliding curtains in individual photo design.

Individualized products and home accessories

Curtains provide plenty of room for your favorite photos

The custom-made sliding curtains are not only suitable for use in domestic homes, but are also a great idea for designing the business premises. Not only your own snapshots can be noted on the photo curtains.

If the perfect motif is not included in your own photo collections, the handle is one of the numerous templates that companies like la-melle provide as a popular alternative. The originals show diverse landscapes, which due to their high resolution are perfectly fitting for the different curtain sizes.

The effect of the motives depends crucially on the chosen materials. Thus, the colors, contrasts and motifs are very different on synthetic and natural fibers to advantage. By sublimation printing, the motifs are finally transferred to the selected substances. UV-resistant paint is used to preserve prints for a long time.


Using digital printing, curtains and curtains can be transformed into a living canvas of your creativity


Design freedom for one’s own ideas

In order not to restrict the design, the design curtains can alternatively be provided with logos and texts. By printing the logo, it is possible to match the corporate design of a company, making the curtains an excellent choice for office design and furnishing. Before logos, text lines and photos are transmitted digitally to the print, a quality check is available in the design. Here, the resolution of the images is checked to ensure that they meet the printing requirements.

Make the room playful thanks to the wide range of creatively printed curtains

Tailoring for more room for interior design

For optimum visibility and glare protection, specialized companies offer customized sliding curtains on measure . The fabrics are therefore printed in the desired lengths and widths, so that, for example, in photo curtains the motifs come out perfectly. Thanks to the rail systems, the curtains can not only be used as windows for visibility and glare protection. They also lend themselves to the optical separation of space. Thus, a use as a modern room divider is possible.


Curtains & curtains in the role of attractive functional and room divider


There are no restrictions on the choice of rooms. The individual design curtains fit in the living room as well as in bedrooms and children’s rooms. Even hall and gallery can be refreshed and individualized.

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