Anyone looking for innovative, state-of-the-art lighting can nowadays find many modern luminaires and lamps on the market. The lamps are usually the “icing on the cake” in the apartment and complement the respective furnishing style. Whether highly fashionable or stylish in the trend: The innovative lamps and lights are an atmospheric part of every home decor. Depending on your wishes, it may be a rather romantic illumination or a brightly lit lamp.

innovative lamps and lights as eye-catcher of every home furnishings


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Real Design Highlights

These are real design highlights that have a certain “eye-catching potential” and many lighting ideas can give a new light to the living ambience. Decorate your own four walls with cool light accents, which is currently in. So the individual LED ring lights are an example of an innovative lamp. They are controlled by app and suitable for the living room. The modern and abstract chandelier, which is also optionally equipped with a color changer and can be controlled by remote control or by app depending on the mood. From a rather subtle warm white to an energetic green or red. The customer decides what he wants and these individual lights attract attention with their elegant yet highly modern design.

Ambient atmosphere thanks to innovative lighting ideas atmospheric and re-lighted


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A true all-rounder

Another innovative lighting option are ball lights. They belong to the multi-talented and all-round geniuses. Other novel ideas are offered by Phillips Hue Lighting . The ball lights, however, are real light miracles and thank you a battery, regardless of any stationary power supply. They are available in a waterproof and buoyant version and thus you can even be taken in the bathtub and provide here for a beautiful illumination. If you would like to use the mobile ball light in the garden pond or in your swimming pool, you can create very effective moments here.

The dimming function is also usually included and can be controlled in three stages. Thus, the light intensity is individually adjustable from a very romantic moment to a happy-light moment. The decorative play of light can be used on the terrace, in the pool, in the tub or even in the bedroom or decorate the dining table or the living room.

Portable and independent lights allow a beautiful and attractive illumination anywhere you want it


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Innovative lamps with “handmade”

If the customer prefers to be more creative, innovative lamps with handcrafted character are on offer. These are charming lamps made by hand. Materials like paper and wood or textiles come into play here. Here each lampshade is designed by a designer with dedication and provided with an LED light. Light and shadow are used, surfaces and lines form special light effects. A special light-pleasure for individualists.

Hand-made lamps also offer original lighting ideas and a special light-pleasure for individualists


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Variable Lighting Effects

If you like the combination of sophistication and elegance, you can make friends with these innovative pendant lamps . Here functionality meets design and the pendant lamp can be turned by the exclusive cut and then radiates either as a pure pendant down or as “ceiling washer”, if desired, upwards. With such variable possibilities, such an innovative luminaire can turn any living space into a real eye-catcher. Here dynamics and a lively aesthetic come to the fore and delight the user.

a lively aesthetics and dynamics through variable lighting effects in space can also be created with innovative pendant luminaires


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Corners and Edges

Those who prefer “corners and edges” can count on LED lights, which come like a star. Pendant lights made of real wood with the star design and the arms of this luminaire flow into so-called “diffusers” made of a matt “methacrylate”.

Luminaires with corners and edges represent suitable lighting ideas for modern interiors in a puristic furnishing style



Such luminaires with corners and edges are a perfect match for the currently trendy style of modern furnishing with puristic features. If you have wooden furniture, you can integrate these lamps. They complement the puristic furnishing style and show how lighting with “corners and edges” can be positively integrated into the living environment.

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