Hello Dear Ones

Time is running and Easter is coming. I’ll show you sweet and above all fast DIY’s, which you will probably get on time.

egg egg egg


Super easy with great effect! Manual

Or how about those cute bunnies? For this you need egg color and a black and pink pen. Manual

I will make this variant this year. I love the minimalist style and the stamping. Manual



Rogues as fried eggs! Manual

With this yeast wreath you have table decoration and rolls in one! Here to the instructions

And what would an Easter brunch be without a carrot cake? I have been looking for a simple recipe for you, which you can prepare quickly. Manual

To table

Tie a paper or cloth napkin around a boiled egg and the rabbit ears are already made. options

These candlesticks made of champagne bottles with felt band in bunny look are super cute! Manual

Flowers should not be missing from me. At Leelah loves you will find a beautiful variation of a flower bouquet for the table decoration.

Let’s stay with the flowers right now. How pretty is this letter decoration by Miss Homemade. Again, you only need paper bags, a marker, vases and flowers.


Or how about these little Easter bunnies filled with treats. At Mx living you will find the template.

Here you can find a faster version of Easter bags that are just as cute!

And if someone has a little more time, he can try on this pretty rabbit hutch by Sammydemmy. I would fill them with little chocolate bunnies and sugar eggs.

Happy Easterdays