Since May 2018, little Arthur, a Maltese poodle half-breed, is with us. We could not imagine a life without him.


Today I want to show you some great DIYs that I have saved and would like to try soon.

Sleep well

This dog bed is not only practical but also super cute. The DIY of Room for Tuesday was done with a Murphy bed by Lowe’s that unfortunately is not available anymore. Maybe I’ll find something similar.

Ikea Hack

This Ikea hack is made really fast. For this you need the KING box and a pillow that you can sew yourself or buy from Ikea. Here are the instructions.

Day Bed

When I saw this DIY, I knew I had to try it sometime. Most will definitely have a lambskin at home. For this daybed you need a children’s mattress and two big leather belts (you will find this cost-effective in Brockenh√§user) and the super nice model is ready.

Here are the instructions

Take away

Maratha Stewart discovered a nice and simple DIY. Practically and above all you can never have enough dogs blankets. Here are the instructions

for the paws


Let’s stay with Martha Stewart. With her I have found a recipe for a paw Balm, which I will certainly make for Arthur. This Balm is made of shea butter, coconut oil, olive oil and bee wax – 100% natural! You can find the instructions here.

Now there’s something to snack on!

These dog biscuits in bone form and the frozen treats consist of only three ingredients. In the summer Arthur loves frozen treats and I’ll try them out.


Finding pretty linen is not that easy. This copy is on my TO DO list!