Although the days are getting shorter and it gets dark much earlier, the advent season and Christmas are bright and joyful occasions for me. In the city there are brightly lit Christmas markets, where friends and family members meet each other to enjoy a fragrant cup of hot mulled wine and to chat with each other. I can not deny it: I love to celebrate the Christmas season to the fullest! But not even 2 weeks is Christmas yet. So it’s high time to deal slowly but surely with all topics around Christmas.

Loving Meaning of Gifts and Gifts

A gift for me does not have to be big, but it should have a meaning. If it has been carefully selected, it has a high value forever. The fact that someone chooses something with a feeling for me and perhaps even bothers to write a few lines on a Christmas card is priceless to me.

Are you feeling the same way? I would rather give it than to be gifted.

Gift ideas are often attracted to conversations with friends or family, which are then completely surprised that I have memorized random wishes.

In addition to giving, I also like the many traditions that put me back in childhood and also present a gift for me. This includes spending a few days with my family, long walks through our snowy village and a cozy get-together with classic Christmas movies.

Here are my favorites from Mooris. Honestly, I did not have to look far. Mooris is a great and inspiring platform for me.Top quality, great designs and something for every taste, whether in the Interior or the very fondly selected pieces in the fashion industry.

  • Meraki: Organic Beauty: Meraki brings us not only with stylish product packaging in raptures, convince the natural ingredients! The Danish cosmetics brand takes us into a world of the most beautiful care and well-being products for body and soul.
  • Vitra: Classic design with clean lines, always combined with the original and a dash of trend: this look captures the typical signature of Vitra out.
  • Prague Python: Since 2011, the French label ‘Anthology Paris’ has been designing beautiful shoes and bags made of selected types of leather. Made in Portugal, the hand-crafted leather goods do not leave any detail to chance.
  • Vase Echasse: My Mooris favorite – the vase of ‘Menu’ combines the classically elegant and traditional of a glass vase with playfulness and elegance Ease. Already landed in my cart
  • Roger Barwagen: ‘Roger’ is from Denmark, from For the bar, the kitchen herbs or simply in the bathroom For a short time we have a bar cart in the kitchen at home for the coffee maker, which I highly recommend.

Maybe I can inspire you for one Christmas gift or another!

What I’m going to buy, by the way, is the great vase “Echasse” that I also introduced to you here. One should not forget himself

I wish you a very nice and relaxing holiday.