Built-in wardrobe over the entire wall in dark wood and somewhere between a space for a TV to watch the news – this is so retro that it is never modern anymore .

Until the late 80’s it was common in German living rooms to give preference to built-in furniture. Gradually, they have been replaced by lighter furniture and now furnishing is part of an overall concept. Aesthetics and harmonious look play the lead role and seldom that a TV set is still placed somewhere where there is room.

Wall mounting of the TV saves space and gives the room aesthetics and harmonious appearance


Photo: TG Studio

TV as art object

Slim TV sets with minimal depth allow the device to be mounted directly to the wall using a TV mount . Very often the background does not only play a role visually, but it has to be functional at the same time. So technically sufficient our consumer electronics is also – without electricity neither moving pictures nor dramatic film music.

Art object and TV at the same time – so presents today the flat screen TV


Photo: Oleg Klodt and Anna Agapova / O & A Design

These two components combine a wooden panel particularly elegantly. Either in colors that are tailored to the rest of the interior or in special wood. Not salient, but more than subtle and far from purely practical. Behind it, it’s easy to hide cables that connect the TV to the power and home theater system. Anyone who attaches particular importance to technical gimmicks with a fabulous effect can immediately integrate a lighting concept .

as an elegant wall decoration, the television can be staged even more stylishly with the appropriate lighting concept


Photo: The Interior Place Pte Ltd

However, wood panels are suitable for more than hiding cables – Modern Ideas for Wall Panel Designs .

the modern TV wall panels are at the same time an elegant and functional solution for both small and large apartments


Photo: Patrick Steel

Kitchen as a meeting place

In the past kitchen and dining room were separated, these areas flow into each other more and more often and become home kitchens. It is only logical that more and more households do not want to do without entertainment in the kitchen. At the same time, however, no valuable space may be wasted. The advantage is that cooking is no longer on the edge, but in the middle of the room. Anyone who owns a kitchen island can not only communicate with the remaining family members and friends, but also has more room on the wall. Where previously the extractor hood was located above the stove, there is now room for decorative elements – or just a TV. Overall, this solution has the advantage that the device is relaxed and gives the room a little more space.

A television must not be missing in the kitchen of modern households


Photo: Ryan Kurtz

Cold winter evenings become enjoyment hours

Many winter athletes know the problem: frozen and drained by the activities and then it gets boring in the bathtub, although it would be nice to relax. Anyone who has tried, knows that a book for longer stay in the tub is not necessarily suitable. Some water splashes are always on the paper and the hands become heavy and cold because they stick out of the water. Now, German bathrooms are usually small and the available storage space rarely designed homely. Which consumer electronics should have a great place?

Warer luxury in the bathroom: thanks to a waterproof TV set, watch the favorite series during a relaxation bath


Photo: Philip Vile

In contrast to the floor area, the walls are virtually unused, naked and rarely part of the overall concept. If you are planning a new bathroom, you can consider the TV holder right away and, in the process, hide the power connections elegantly behind the later device. In this way, the functional cell becomes a feel-good room and relaxation lives up to its name.

The contribution lovelessness and practical use was yesterday – TV staged first appeared on fresHouse.