Look out for exotic plants without roots – for example Tillandsia. It can be hung by placing it in an ordinary cork from a wine bottle, in a terrarium with succulents, or even in a shell. In any case, this plant does not require direct sunlight and can decorate your interior exactly where you want it.

ATMOSPHERIC TILLANDIA IS AN EPIPHITE PLANT, that is, it grows by binding to other plants. It does not need direct sunlight, creates family-friendly conditions – tropical: diffuse light and sufficiently high humidity. The plant feeds in an unusual way: practically the entire root system is missing, so you don’t have to water it.

Tillandsia feeds on the leaves. If the humidity in the house is insufficient, the plant must be sprayed with water once a day. Despite the fact that Tillandsia has no roots, you need a house in the form of another plant or a natural base on which the plant lives – it can be the bark of a tree, branches, beds made of moss or coconut fibers. To bind the plant, you need to grease the dry root with glue and press it into the wine cork.

The hanging decorations help you to make your living area more comfortable and eye-catching. Wine corks are an interesting solution: make a small depression in them and place the base of the air flower there. Corks can be placed firmly in a clear container or hung individually, while nothing prevents the placement of tillandsia leaves. However, keep in mind that it is not worth turning over the plant right away – Tillandsia takes a little time to gain a foothold in the new home.

For tools you will need a hot glue gun, a paring knife and a screwdriver.

Step 1. Remove the cork and pocket knife. Before we start carving the cork, we should put a box or newspaper on the floor in the work area.

Step 2. Use a screwdriver to drill a hole in the cork.

Step 3. Make a hole in the cork with the knife and widen the hole with the knife. Continue the hole up to half of the mushroom.

Step 4. Glue your plant to the cork with glue.

If you’ve kept your wine corks for a special project, you’ll love these cork pots. Decorate your home optimally with these helpful tips that we have prepared for you!

You can use wine corks in many different ways. I hope you like it. I added another offer to grow plants of different styles in wine corks.