Home accessories are the best way to decorate your home. There are various objects and beautiful creative things that can be used. Decorating flower pots is fun because you can create something pretty yourself. On the other hand, the plants look fresher in such pots.
is the best “anti-stress therapy”.

If you know our oriental category, then you have most probably equipped your home with enchanting oriental decorations such as lamps, cushions or carpets. Let’s not neglect the flowers – a touch of nature that can be found in every apartment, house, garden and office.

Simple DIY project to astonish

I cannot believe how easy these gorgeous planters were to make…thank you Cinda for being my new crafting buddy and sharing this fun project with us!

Do you like to do different DIY projects? Then we hope that the video shown above was interesting for you! To be on the safe side, we would like to give you a step-by-step guide here. This would give you a wider choice of models and ideas.


Here we are dealing with a trend from the 60s and 70s of the 20th century – macramé hanging basket. People loved to decorate their homes with macramé projects. And we understand why; the knotting techniques do not require a lot of practice and there are a lot of possibilities. It is the last time to revive this beautiful home decoration, because today it looks as attractive and unusual as it did 50 years ago. The modern apartments are tastefully decorated with these decorations to achieve different effects:

Fascinating macramé flower lamp idea for the office or living room

The contrast between robust decoration and elegant furnishingsHarmonious room design, where the walls and the macromee are in the same colours, looks greatWith hipster apartments, the macramé flower light is also suitable for beautifulThe modern living interior also likes to accept such creative decoration

Do you think that you could make such a work of art yourself? Continue reading…

Makramee flower lamp for fresh herbs in the kitchen – a beneficial decoration idea

The most important thing is that you really like and enjoy this beautiful decoration. First of all, you should be able to appreciate the fact that it’s all handmade. So a macramé hanging basket, even bought from the market, brings the author’s spirit into your home. Secondly, it can be conceded that the hanging decoration is not to be found in every apartment – so you can fascinate your guests with it and stand out from the crowd. Thirdly – your plants blossom! You would have more direct access to natural light and fresh air and delight your eyes and soul every day. So far we have 3 pretty convincing reasons why you should get a macramé hanging basket. But find further some other ideas…

Read below to find out how to make these macrame baskets yourself


What is needed?

Jersey fabric , Ceramic Planter, tape measure, screw hooks, scissors.

The Preparation

How do you make the macramé hanging basket yourself?

1. cut the fabric to the desired length – you will need 8 long sections, about 3-4 cm wide

2. Then stretch each section and make round strings

3. tie all 8 strings together about 10 cm from the ends and tighten them

4. combine the cords in 4×2 sets and make knots in each 2 cords – about 5 cm away from the big knot

5. now distribute these sets into new sets of 2 strings and tie them together about 4 cm wide

6. repeat the same procedure again

7. Tighten so that the flower pot fits in it

8. Knot all 8 strings at the top

9. plant the pot and hang it using the screw hook

Makramee Flower lamp in the bedroom

A cosy relaxation corner

A grandiose DIY project, Fresh flair at home 🙂

Let your creativity run wild

A country house also brings a feeling of freedom, inspiration and imagination. Now you might think “If I have a house, why plant flowers in a pot and not in the garden? – If you ask yourself this question, it automatically means that you live in an apartment. Every single plant, whether it is a flower, a vegetable or a fruit tree, needs special care. This means the right temperature, sunlight, humidity and nutrients to grow healthily. Many people also like to plant exotic flowers. In most cases they also need special care – so they need to be kept at home and in the right pot.

Consequently: first take into consideration what you want to plant and which cultivation and care characteristics it requires. Then you can buy large pots and decorate the flower pots with pleasure. You should decide for yourself whether you want a monochrome or polychrome colour scheme. A room completely designed in One colour looks a bit aggressive, so other colours should soften this effect. Set only a few accents in red, create a cosy and inviting ambience.

A macramé work of art for several flower pots – beautiful and practical wall decoration

Decorate your works of art and flower pots

Decorate your works of art and flower pots

wall decoration