In today’s article, we will show you 26 inspirations for the creative recycling of old objects. Not everything that lands in the bin is rubbish and not everything that is old and at first sight no longer benefits, must be thrown away. See what cool things are made of old treasures and clothes or simple household goods.

Reuse Vintage Mason Jar as Attractive Vase or Retro Soap Dispenser


Photos: Unknown / Alison Gootee

1. Reuse Empty Mason Jars as vintage soap dispensers or dramatic flower vases. To decorate your bathroom with a great DIY soap dispenser or lotion dispenser, you must first mark the center of the mason jar lid. Then use a quick drill to drill a hole in the width of a soap dispenser pump. Fill the container with liquid soap, unscrew the lid and insert the pump. You may need to adjust the bottom of the pump to suit your vessel.

To imitate such a gilded DIY vase, you need to apply a bit of glue irregularly to the outside of the mason jar with a foam brush. If the sticky substance gets clear within about 30 minutes, put gold leafs on top. Remove the excess stains with a paper towel to get a nice patina look.

cool idea for attractive flower decoration by creative recycling of old paintbrushes


Photo: Kate Mathis

2. Make used brushes a new life and make a stylish flower decoration . Simply place two rubber bands around a cylindrical vase and insert the brushes into the bands until they completely surround the vessel.

simple and creative crafting ideas with license plates


Photos: Brian Woodcock

. 3 Handicrafts with number plates . Transform a finished wooden birdhouse into a unique birdhouse with an attractive old license plate roof that can be easily attached to the cottage using hot glue or screw.

4. From an old or expired plate you can cut out individual letters, sharpen the sharp edges and use them for colorful house numbers or great DIY keychains .

Interesting idea for recycling old watch straps as a creative diary lock


Photo: Alison Gootee

5. Secure your thoughts in a journal with watch strap clasp . A fantastic idea for a creative homemade gift. Here is the guide:

Step 1: First mark two places in the front cover of the notebook. For the first place measure 5cm from the top and 4cm from the spine, the second should be 5cm from the bottom and 4cm from the spine removed. Next, mark two points in the back cover: both at the same distance from top and bottom, but this time 14cm from the spine. Using a hammer and a nail, punch 2.0 x 40mm all four marks.

Step 2: At the end of the four watch straps, where they attach themselves to a watch, mark a point in the middle of a 3mm distance from the outer edge. Also punch these four marks in the same way.

Step 3: Put both watch straps with buckle on the front cover and attach the straps to the journal using two brass rivets of appropriate size. Turn the diary over and repeat the process with the rest of the bracelet parts.

cool upcycling ideas for original candle holders


6. Old Cutlery in Attractive Candle Holders transforms with the help of chrome-plated baskets for candles that are about 2.5cm wide. Glue them to the trowel of a spoon or fork and allow the glue to dry for one hour.

7. Craft cool and unique birthday candles out of plastic animals . For the target, drill with the drill a small pilot hole on the back of the toy, in which you attach a classic holder for cake candles with glue. Then dye the animal candle holder with the desired spray paint for plastic and let it dry for 30 minutes.

Homemade Fridge Magnets from Old Brooches


Photo: Amber S Clark

8. Instead of just dusting up your old brooches in a drawer, they can be transformed into Effective Fridge Magnets . For the purpose of removing the pin from the back of each brooch with needle-nose pliers. Then glue a super strong magnet to the back of each brooch and let the glue dry overnight.

man can also use wooden bobbins creatively and in a very different way than decoration


Photos: David Hillegas

9. Simple and creative crafts with wooden bobbins . Add color and charm to opened wine bottles with self-made bottle stoppers made of corks and colorful bobbins that are simply glued together.

The second idea shows how you can quickly and easily design a charming table decoration yourself by inserting ranunculus or other flowers with thin stems into the tubes of coils of different sizes. To keep the flowering time longer, use a little flower foam that can be moistened with a straw. Then arrange the mini wooden spool vases on your table or sideboard.

Make an original necklace or colorful garland from bobbins


Photo: David Hillegas

10. This funny crafting idea for colorful garland or necklace from thread bobbins is also ideal for the little ones. Thread bobbins of different sizes and colors in combination with colorful wooden beads. Finally, knot both ends of the garlands together.

A wooden cutting board can also be creatively recycled


Photos: Brian Woodcock

11 The role of the wood cutting board as an attractive wall decoration . Among the many ideas for creative recycling of various items from our household, we see here how a simple wooden cutting board can be transformed into an elegant mirror or wall clock. For the first crafting idea, simply attach four mirror clamps to the wooden board to secure the mirror.

If you’d rather have made a rustic diy wall clock out of wood chopping board then you need to drill a hole in the middle to assemble clockwork and pointer. Then you can draw the numbers or attach them to the chopping board clock in the form of small metal license plates with black steel pins.

fast upcycling idea for upholstered furniture and textiles


Photo: Studio D

12 Give old upholstered furniture a new look . With the help of household disinfectants and a little water, you can easily and very attractively change the upholstery of a chair. For the goal you must work in the open air as well as wearing protective glasses and gloves. Mix ½ cup of bleach and ½ cup of water in a beaker. With a plastic spoon, pour the liquid mixture over the entire fabric. If you are satisfied with the pattern, let it dry. If you used this method to remodel old covers, allow the fabric to dry first and then periodically run in the washer and dryer.

Accent in space put through attractive DIY hanging lamps


Photos: Dane Holwager / unknown

13 Now we come to two brilliant crafting ideas for an original DIY pendant lamp . In the first example, ceramic bowls with diameter of 13cm and height of 10cm are used for lampshade. Simply turn the bowl upside down and drill a 5cm hole in the center with a ceramic hole saw. Then mount the pendant lamp lighting set, insert a matching LED lamp and hang the pendant lamp on the ceiling.

Here we also see the creative recycling of an old globe made of cardboard with a diameter of 30cm that has been transformed into a stylish hanging lamp. For the target you will need a cable set for pendant light as well as a utility knife, with which you can carefully make an approx. 9cm opening at the bottom of the globe. Then mark with pencil the diameter of the lamp cap at the top of the globe and cut out the hole for the LED light. Once you’ve attached the cable set, screw it in from below and hang your new pendant lamp.

Recipe for own solid perfume as a cool gift idea


Photo: Alison Gootee

14 Recycle Box of Facial Powder for Her Own Solid Perfume . To create your own fragrance, we have the following recipe idea. Mix 1½ tsp jojoba oil with 25 drops of an essential oil of your choice in a glass. In a bowl ¾ teaspoon grated beeswax on low heat, melt for about 5-10 seconds. Remove beeswax from the heat and stir in the oil mixture. Heat for 10 seconds. Pour the mixture into the box and allow to cool completely.

Vintage Buttons and Old Handwatches Carry Somewhat Different


Photos: Alison Gootee / unknown

15 A fresh idea for unique women’s jewelry shows how you can make original button rings yourself. If you have vintage buttons at home, all you need is adjustable ring sockets and metal glue. Another cool idea shows how you can wear old scarves differently and as attractive watch straps.

Inspirational recycling of an old tie


16 How to recycle an old tie into a smart spectacle case ? Lay the tie face down, measure 43cm from the narrow spike and cut the tie off at this point. Using a seam breaker, open the seam along the back of the tie about 5cm to create a pouch for the glasses. Measure 20cm from the cut end and fold the tie there to the top. Cut the end of the tongue and sew on the tie. Finally, attach a Velcro closure to keep the glasses case closed.

Two Inspirational Upcycling Ideas with Silverware


17 Two great recycling ideas for leftover pieces from an old cutlery set that’s pretty easy and creative to recycle. Except as original candle holders, old spoons and forks can also be used as attractive cabinet handles even more original. For the goal you need book screws made of brass, in size 30mm. Turn the fork over and glue two of the flat screw heads to the back of the fork handle, the handle end and the flat back of the trowel. Allow the glue to dry well and remove the existing handles from the cabinet. Re-drill holes if necessary and assemble the cutlery handles.

18 You can also turn old forks and spoons into curtain holders by drilling a small hole at a distance of 2cm from the end of the fork handle. Hold the dishes up and with pliers bend the tines towards the handle. Make sure that you have a rounded C shape, not a V shape. Screw the curtain holder into your window profile.

Recycling Old Clothes: Fantastic Solution for a New Pillowcase


Photo: Home Made Modern

19 This is how an old shirt becomes a great cushion cover . First, iron the shirt and button it. Measure the cushion size and add 1.5cm to the measured width and length. Cut out a pattern of newspaper and put it on your shirt. Cut the shirt along the pattern and rotate the cut pieces face to face. Sew a 6mm seam around all four sides. Undo the buttons, flip the pillowcase, and insert the pillow.

Easy recycling of a canvas bag in a firewood bag


20. How to transform an old canvas bag into a firewood bag ? Turn the bag inside out and cut the seam along the sides of the bag with a seam cutter, leaving the fabric completely flat when open. Lay the bag inside up. At each corner of the bag, draw a 20cm long diagonal and separate the formed triangles. The cut edges about 6mm seam and sew. Cut a piece of oilcloth and sew it in the middle on the outside of the firewood bag, along all sides, on the bag.

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