If you have a smaller backyard area, all you need to do is get creative and turn it into a dreamlike mini courtyard garden with a terrace. With the help of the most important design elements, such as color, plants and decoration, you can create a stylish yet usable space in which you can relax in the summer. Here are some tips on how to create an attractive and functional design of these small outdoor areas.

turn the small courtyard into a romantic, colorful and magical garden oasis


Photo: Nathalie Priem / Georgia Lindsay Garden Design

Small but nice!

The first step to making the most of a small terrace is to redesign the space. Important in the case is not thinking about what you do not have, but about what you can do. The fact is that the small courtyard garden offers the opportunity to create a very intimate and cozy space . For the destination, you can define the outline of the courtyard area with plants, which will certainly make the room more comfortable without cramping it. Even if the outdoor area only has room for dining group, a private sitting area can be created outside by the dining area surrounded by greenery.


Sitting area in the courtyard garden surrounded by greenery and made more lively by fresh summer colors


Photo: Pro Color Photography

The fence as privacy screen and decor

Even if the yard area is small, a fence is necessary to ensure the desired privacy. This makes the outdoor space look like enclosed space and look like a summer living room or outdoor dining room. Depending on the height, type and design of the fence, this additional living space can look longer, more open and larger. In addition the fence can still play the role of accent wall and create a more stylish design of the small terrace as an attractive decor with plants, lights or other decorative accessories.

Fence and garden wall as a versatile and multifunctional design element


Photo: Lori Cannava

Using an accent wall will not only give you the privacy you need in urban areas, but add texture and style to your courtyard garden. This great opportunity for individual and functional garden design gives the fence a versatile design element.


lend the Hofgarten its own style and texture through the stylish design of an accent wall


Photo: Kev Quelch / Inovasis Design

Color and Design

When designing small spaces, you have to concentrate much more on individual style elements. This adds a touch of cohesion to the small courtyard garden and diverts the view from the room size itself. In addition to the lively texture of the plants, which alone makes a small outdoor space a feast for the eyes, also decorative elements and home accessories are to be used, which fit the surrounding plant world and bring them to the foreground. The size of the room really becomes secondary when the combination of colors and textures is brought into line with the area.

cheerful and cozy atmospheres in the Hofgarten create a fitting combination of colors and materials


Photo: Axis Mundi Design LLC.

Bright shades

However, the principle of using bright colors to increase the optical magnification also applies to outdoor areas. For example, a white painted fence combined with bright lawns and white flowering plants can bring out the great potential of a small courtyard garden. Due to the bright green plant world, the color white does not look sterile, but soft and radiant. This two-tone combination not only gives the room a sense of space but also a fresh, high-contrast, summery atmosphere.

A small and narrow backyard area visually enlarged by bright colors


Photo: Cato Creative

Outdoor Art

When designing small terraces and courtyards, every detail must have its right place. The desired style of furnishing takes place through the furnishing as well as through the use of various decorative accessories and artistic objects that transform even a cramped outdoor area into a magical place . With the help of individual historical feats, you can create a cozy and unique outdoor oasis, such as the subsequent classic Victorian courtyard.


Individually decorating the Hofgarten and furnishing it with tricks


Photo: Eric Piasecki / Jetton Construction

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