Modern living does not end in the kitchen and in the living room, but has also long since arrived at the bedroom furniture. If you want to feel comfortable and secure, you should put on solid wood furniture that conjure a comfort and a rustic charm in the room and inspire with many other benefits. A matching decoration gives the room a cozy atmosphere.

Bringing comfort to every bedroom through the warmth and beauty of the wood


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Modern bedroom with rustic charm – solid wood furniture

The bedroom is a place of deceleration and relaxation. Anyone who strives for the natural here can achieve the desired atmosphere with solid wood furniture. Very popular is the country house style. He is idyllic and close to nature. This makes it very easy to conjure warmth and comfort in the room. The right choice of wood color makes it look very pleasant. At Moebel-Eins there are durable, warm and comfortable solid wood beds in different designs and sizes . Some products can not only be ordered in standard dimensions, but can also be custom-made to customer specifications. Thanks to the special grain, every solid wood bed is unique, because each tree grows differently.

The bedroom as a place of relaxation in authentic, rustic style


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Advantages of Solid Wood

One of the biggest advantages of wood is its natural charisma, which sets the wooden beds apart from other materials and makes the sleeping area look comfortable. The breathable wood also contributes to the healthy indoor climate, because it can absorb excess moisture from the air and gives it away when needed. This great effect is particularly beneficial in the bedroom. In addition, there are no unwanted exhalations, as is often the case with other materials, since the surfaces of the solid woods are treated with oils and waxes that are harmless to health. In addition, furniture made of solid wood is not electrostatically charged, so that no dust sticks to it. This is not only a great relief for allergy sufferers. Solid wood furniture is durable and often an investment for the entire life.

Except for homely atmosphere in the bedroom, wood also contributes to a healthy indoor environment



Rustic charm and coziness enhanced by warm colors and decoration

Mild, warm tones on the wall and fluffy carpets increase the relaxation factor. The same applies to many pillows and a pretty, soft coverlet. In addition to wooden furniture, the modern, rustic, country-style bedroom also includes home textiles with playful floral patterns. If you do not like flowery, you can opt for checks or stripes in muted colors. All this invites you to feel good and relax. In addition to beige and pastel shades, the country-house style is characterized by different color combinations such as red and white and blue and white. Too many colors and restless patterns should not be, because this space is after all the rest.

The combination of wood, mild wall colors and home textiles with playful patterns will surely provide a cozy and rustic ambience in the bedroom


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Solid wood furniture is the perfect choice for a modern bedroom with rustic charm and a lot of cosiness. They look playful and antique and offer many more advantages over other materials. They are very durable and stable and regulate the indoor climate. Natural solid wood furniture contains no harmful substances. Living in rooms equipped with solid wood furniture is healthier than with chipboard and veneer furnishings.

Solid wood furniture is the perfect choice for a durable and healthy nursery interior


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Natural solid wood furniture always has a very individual look. Each type of wood has its own characteristics, such as color and grain. Even within a wood species, the furniture never looks perfect. If the materials come from certified wood, the purchase of solid wood furniture is also an important contribution to environmental protection .

stylish bedrooms with rustic charm and individual design thanks to natural solid wood furniture


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