I have always made instructions for you and made this known on social media. On Instagram you can find me for a year now. However, I was only slightly active there. That changes immediately! In my Thursday Makeover every Thursday in my Insta stories, you can follow the redesign of room corners, walls, or works in our home: new pictures, tidying, swiping , Crafts – just everything you do to live comfortably and individually. It starts with new canvas images of MeinFoto.de and matching wooden DIY picture frames.

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My First Thursday Makeover Result – Yeah!

Last Thursday we had our small anteroom in front of the bathroom. Shortly before we disposed of a lot of bulky waste and cleared out the storeroom mutated vestibule. Time to give the room a new face or at least a small makeover.
For this I ordered new canvas pictures with vacation motives at MeinFoto.de. Some time ago, I had already ordered a photo cushion as a gift and was very satisfied with the service and the low prices.
Maybe you remember that I recently had some canvas prints made by another supplier. I was also satisfied with that, but at MeinFoto.de I found something that did not exist with this provider: individual border design.

Did you already print a picture on canvas of your own photos? If so, then you know the problem with the edge. The canvas is drawn onto a rather deep wooden frame. Many providers now have two options. Either the edges of the image are drawn over the wooden frame, which changes the visible image section or the border remains white. Both I did not find ideal for my first order. Old news. At MeinFoto.de you can choose the frame design from many options: folded, mirrored, dragged, white or black. I chose to drag.

Picture holder made of wood itself

I ordered a hanging set for my canvas pictures, but only used this for the big picture. For the suspension of the small murals I had already a DIY idea in mind: a simple suspension made of wooden strips.

For each picture holder I cut three wooden strips: on one of the strips is the picture, another is attached as a suspension at the back and a narrower wooden strip I stuck to the front as a non-slip for the picture.

Materials for canvas painting with 20 cm length

25 cm long, 3.5 cm wide, 1 cm deep
-1 wooden strip 25 cm long, 1.5 cm wide, 1 cm deep
-1 wooden strip 10 cm long, 3 , 5 cm wide, 1 cm deep
-screw clamps for fixing
-nails / hammer

You can find all the materials in the hardware store. The wooden slats I shortened home even with a chop saw to the correct length. But you can also use a handsaw, jigsaw, etc.

Step by step to the suspension from wood

First, I nail the short 10 cm long wooden strip to the edge of the longer, large wooden strip, on which the picture will later stand. For two reasons, I recommend using nails instead of screws:

  1. Canvas prints are very light and the stability provided by the nails is quite sufficient.
  2. Wooden strips jump very fast and have to be pre-drilled for screws.

In the smaller wooden strip I drill two holes for later attachment to the wall. Through these holes, the wooden picture holder can be attached to the wall with nails.

On the front edge of the longer wooden strip, I give all-purpose glue (of course, goes wood glue). On the front edge of the narrow, wooden strip is now glued as a slip stop.

"With screw clamps, the glued wooden strip can be fixed until the adhesive has dried. If the wooden picture holder is glued stable, it can be fixed to the wall.

If you put a picture on the holder, the wooden strip disappears, which serves for the attachment. Chic or not?

Without further ado, I came up with a second idea: a holder for a flower pot. For this I use two equal length wooden strips, a hose clamp (9 – 11 cmm diameter) and a few nails with a large head.

Position the tube clamp between the two wooden strips and fix the whole construct with one nail each on top and bottom.

For the wall mounting I choose a screw. Wooden slats splinter like. The hole for the screw must therefore be prepared with a small drill.

I’m still missing the right planter that fits into the Schaubklemme. Does it look quite neat without a pot, or not?

I hope, as always, I was able to bring you some inspiration for your own projects in the house and garden. Maybe you also like to get photo products such as photo cushion or canvas picture. If so, please let me know. I am always happy to receive feedback. Otherwise, I say: until then on Instagram for Thursday Makeover. Cheerio!

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