Garden fever broke out and infected you. You want to plant a sweet potato but don’t know how? Then this is the right place for you!

What I have used already and that although I have only little place on the terrace. But everything is possible in large flower pots, you can even plant a sweet potato in them.

It’s quite simple, isn’t it? Put a potato in the ground and you’re done. Yes, that can succeed. But most of the time it doesn’t. Especially because it simply takes too long for the batate to drift.

That’s why there are a few little tricks with which sweet potato breeding is guaranteed to succeed.

3 methods of growing sweet potato plants
You are spoilt for choice 🙂 There are 3 ways how you can prefer the Batate.

The best way to plant a sweet potato is to pull it out of a tuber. As soon as it gets nice and warm, you can get to work.

You can prefer the sweet potato as early as January.

Sweet potato prefer plants in the soil
The most direct method is to prepare a pot of soil. It works quite simply. The big disadvantage is that you can’t see if anything is happening until the first germs are visible on the surface.

Cut the sweet potatoes into 4-5 equal pieces. Let the cuttings dry out for 2 days.
Now you put the pieces into a bucket or a box with loose soil, which you always keep slightly moist.
At 20 to 25° the tubers feel particularly well.
Place the planter in a bright and warm place. After a few weeks you should be able to see the first shoots.
Another disadvantage could be that you suddenly have black mosquitoes in your house. They are called fungus mosquitoes. They are a big nuisance and damage your plants.

Prefer sweet potatoes on the windowsill
A little faster and without black mosquitoes it goes at the windowsill. Important: You need a bright windowsill without too much direct sunlight.

Cut off the top 5 cm of the sweet potato.

Place them in a glass or Tupperbox with the cut surface facing down. Fill up so much water until half of the potato is covered.
Leave the sweet potato in it until you see the first shoots. Don’t forget to refill with water again and again!
When the potatoes have formed roots and shoots about 10 centimetres long, you can plant the sweet potato.
Then make sure that you do not bury the shoots in the ground. The tuber should look out of the soil about halfway.

Planting sweet potatoes with a toothpick and water
You can work according to the same principle with this method. The tubers start to float faster when the cut surface is not directly in the glass, but is floating.

You can use a whole small tuber or halve a large one. That makes no difference.

Grab a glass. Give the sweet potato three toothpicks. They serve as support.
Place them in the glass and fill up with water until the lower two centimetres of the tuber are in the water.
After a few days you should notice that something is happening.
There are tubers that form roots very quickly. And those that take longer. It depends on the room temperature, the water and the variety.

You have to be patient and not be disturbed.

What is the ideal location and soil to plant sweet potatoes is
Sweet potatoes are not hardy. You plant them in spring and harvest them in autumn.

Sweet potato plants love a loose and nutrient-rich soil. A good portion of nitrogen in the soil makes the orange tubers really big.

If you want to plant a sweet potato, you need a sunny location. They come from the tropical regions of South America and love it nice and warm.

This is also the reason why sweet potatoes are grown in raised beds, greenhouses or balcony pots. If you wait until about mid/end of May, you can also use them in the garden.

The potatoes do not come out into the open until mid-May, when the ice saints are over. They can’t cope with cold temperatures at all.

The location should be sunny, warm and protected. If the potato is exposed too often to wind and cold rain, the harvest will be very poor.

The plants are very decorative. They form long above-ground tendrils and almost heart-shaped dark green leaves.

Important: If you want to plant a sweet potato, don’t forget to water it. The Batate needs evenly moist soil. It doesn’t like waterlogging at all and neither does dryness.

Pests that could spoil your sweet potato planting.
The good news first: sweet potatoes are almost immune to typical plant diseases such as mildew or pests such as lice. They are very robust if they have the right location.

Tip: A vegetable garden is particularly good on the balcony. In a plant container with cover so that your potatoes are always nice and warm. There is room for 52 litres of soil and you can garden to your heart’s content on the balcony. You can order it at Amazon.

The only thing that can become a problem are nudibranchs. They love to get involved with the plants and tubers.

If you plant sweet potatoes on raised beds or place pots, then you should have no problem with it.

When to harvest sweet potatoes
From September you can start harvesting sweet potatoes. A good sign that the tubers are ready is the leaves. They turn yellowish.

The sweet potato plants should be harvested before it is below 10°. Because then they die completely.

If you think that the potatoes are not ready yet, you can apply a mulch layer or cover the soil with straw. So you can delay the time of harvesting a bit.

I harvested my potatoes in October. A small tuber became a large one, two medium ones and a few small ones. 🙂

You can put the little tubers aside. A fruit bowl, which stands dark, fits as a location. It should be cool and dry. However, they are usually not durable for too long. They may begin to rot.

Our conclusion
Planting a sweet potato is really easy. Even beginners will succeed, provided you don’t forget to water. If you want to grow a sweet potato, you need a sunny and warm location.

Good luck! 🙂